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  • avengers

    Hey Nick:

    Many people have been hurt by the "Society", as have I.
    When I left permanently in 1999 I had nobody. The Witnesses drop you without a thought. And why?
    I questioned their actions. I myself didn't do anything what you could call "against Jehovah".
    The Governing Body did though.
    The very things they tell us to despise, they were doing behind our backs.
    No doubt you know about the UN matter, Rand Cam, the child-abuse issue, the secret database, the false predictions,
    the shunning, the splitting up of families, just to name a few.
    When I contacted Bethel about just one of these issues, I was considered apostate., while I wasn't
    the one engaged in actions that Jehovah despises.

    I agree that people here on this board have lots of anger towards the WT, so do I.
    Many here are just discovering the real face of the tower and so when one finds out
    that all they have really trusted is a lie, then anger and frustration is the result.
    You'll see that this anger turns into positive energy after a while.

    When you come in here shouting that we are wrong and the Watchtower is right
    you will find lots of anger. Before you start shouting off at us I suggest you learn more
    about the real teachings of the Governing Body.

    Please come with facts and good reasoning. You'll find that this group here has much to offer.
    Most of these people are really good persons. (even though I don't always agree with them, which you
    don't have too either) I guess that's the difference in being told what to think and being able to think for one self.

    Please stick around and be patient. If you're am honest person then I have no doubt that you
    will figure things out for yourself, and you'll make it.


  • shamus


    You took the words right out of my mouth. I am not going to call him a troll yet... if he is, whatever. He is welcome here, too. (OMG, SHAMUS TURNED OVER A NEW LEAF???)

    Ah, how I used to be in the truth... it sounds just likie this guy...

    It's okay to think the way that you do. If you would like to talk about something one subject at a time, please do so! We used to believe just as vehemeonetely (horrible spelling) as you did.


  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Welcome Nick,

    i question everything

    That's a great philosophy to have. Hope you find some answers here.


  • Panda

    Nick, Welcome to this forum. You must be questioning your beliefs on some level or else why post to this board? As so many others here I was once an ardent supporter of the publishing company WTBTS (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society). However, the lies about dates and the bigoted and misogynistic elder bodies sent me researching. I hope this is what you'll do, and maybe why you are posting here. There are many reasons to check WTS information. One place to start would be the 607BCE date which is inaccurate. Another interesting search would be about the blood issue. Have you ever watched a beloved friend die because of refusing blood in an emergency? I saw this happen. So, I'm glad you are here now, hope you stick around. Hugs, Panda

  • lurk

    hello nick .

    hello nick

    you think that using your real name and standing by your posts is important? and you value the teachings of the society ? if youre answer is yes then it is your duty (since you value honesty and the societys teachings ) to go to your elder of choice and admit that you have not only been using the internet to visit apposate sites but that you have posted on an appostate site , except your reprimand with dignity and not visit here again.

    but im wondering why your logging on to these forums ?? you talk like youve been around a few


    i was angry when i first arrived here too maybe thats your reason for speaking like this..maybe not .since im guilty of the same thing im gonna give you the benifit of the doubt.

  • barry

    Gday Nick, Im not sure what you mean the catholics celebrate our lords death every week at mass, the church I go to celebrates our lords death quarterly while the WT only celebrates at the memorial annually. Barry

  • gumby
    the point is , that christ was put here to attone for our sins , by his death we have gained back what god originally intended for us? i beleive its to live forever on the earth , anyone else can beleive for another reason.

    Hi Nick.

    Did you know jesus said that anyone who believes this above statement of yours......will have life? Do you really believe that only Jehovah's Witnesses believe this and are the only one who will not die?

    Other Christians also believe that the earth will be the home of Jesus and his church for 1000 years. The only difference with the witnesses is..... he's in heaven with a few special ones, and the rest are down under. Pretty much the same isn't it? Both are good. Why would god kill one group who might have the exact story a bit wrong?


  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim


    Kick back a minute or two and think about your statements. Considering all of the available evidence and FACTS,-- many, many JWs and the WTB&TS deserve the bad publicity and general crap shoved back into their collective faces because of the pain and suffering that have been and currently is being forced on millions of people. When people are forced into a corner, or are left with nothing else to lose, people will strike back. It is called actions have consequences....etc.

    I have said this before and I will say it again: someday, somewhere, Some pissed-off JW or a few pissed off and fed up "brothers" might just remove twenty or thirty or a whole congregation of JWs from the gene pool. Would this be a good example for needed change?

    And who should be to blame? Not Satan! The warning signs are all over the globe and really prevalent in the USA. If anything happens, (hopefully nothing will other than some serious ass kicking) the elders and the WTB&TS have brought the actions and wrath of people upon themselves because of everything "they" have done to others.

    I guess, in this case anyway:You reap what you sow.

    By the way, I sign my name. People on this site have access to my name, address and telephone number. What about yours? Are YOU hiding?

    Lots of warm Christan Love,

    Mr. KIM

  • shamus


    You sound just like I did. Full of hate and judgement. Maybe you should research what the scribes and pharisees believed and told people. That is why Jesus called them hypocrites. They sure did a lot of judging.

    So did I when I was a witness. I was as everyone else.. pretty proud of my religion, and having "the truth". In other words, I was pretty judgmental on other religions and people. Oh, how the car groups used to laugh when a householder would get upset at us... sounds like a pharisee attitude to me.

    As for now, I am working on not having that attitude; even towards persons who post in ignorance. I feel that you need to really stop looking at all your big picture ideas, and look right at the roots of your teachings. Until then, you will get nowhere.

    In any event, you may want to reconsider posting here, as you will get disfellowshipped for doing so... and die at armageddon. You don't want that now, do you?

  • Coop Man
    Coop Man


    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.....

    If you would ignore the Societys discouragement of attending College and go any-ways, maybe your spelling and punctuation would improve considerably.

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