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  • Aztec

    What makes you angry? I have so many things! Life, in general, pisses me off! The situation in Liberia angers me, me freinds are going away, I am upset at my rapist, I hate that there are so many detractors, I hate that people like Jes have to go through so much and Big Tex! That angers me!

    I need to quelll my anger.....I'll learn!

    ~Az *still angry*

  • stillajwexelder

    Child abuse -- especially when covered up and they get away with it

  • Sassy

    I'm angry I can't leave the JWs without so many of them hassling me.

    Hope you find a way to deal with your stresses Aztec

  • shera

    Child abuse,abuse of any sort.Liars and fake people.Back stabers...

  • cruzanheart
    I am upset at my rapist

    Dear Aztec, you have a lot to be angry about! I do find it kind of interesting that, while you used the word "hate" to describe your feelings in your post, you used a milder word -- "upset" -- to describe your feelings about the rapist. Seems to me that a very large portion of your anger should be rightly directed at the person who raped you. Therapy would really, REALLY help, and there are some wonderful programs and support groups out there specifically for rape victims. Dear friend, you don't need to carry around this baggage the rest of your life, and YOU DON'T HAVE TO. It is within your power to dump it. It is very hard to start -- you'll find a million reasons for not going to therapy (no time, no money, I'm fine, thank you, I'll do it myself, it's too scary), but it will help you feel a lot better if you do go.



  • iiz2cool

    What makes me angry?

    I'm angry that I grew up in an abusive family.
    I'm angry that I let myself be misled into becoming a JW.
    I'm angry at child abusers.
    I'm angry when my friends are made to suffer.
    I'm angry that I got a shitty raise at work.
    I'm angry that my neighbor decorated her backyard by nailing shit to my garage.
    I'm angry at certain family members.
    I'm angry at almost every asshole that crosses my path - just because he's there.
    I'm angry at myself for being angry.

    I find that physical excercise provides a good outlet, as well as talking about it to close friends privately. As soon as I slack off in physical activity, or talking to close friends, the anger seems to increase.


  • Beans

    Walter, it's time for a beer together bro!

  • mindless1

    i am angry that i cant get any sleep in this house


  • iiz2cool

    As per the lofty wisdom of Brother Beans, BEER is always a good idea!


  • Aztec

    Kate, go to bed!



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