Any Experiences of growing up with Ex JW Fathers?

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  • AlanB

    A thread I posted to a week or so back created some interesting comments. There is something bothering me that perhaps some here may have experienced and can help with.

    As outlined in an earlier post, I was a JW, married, had children, the whole thing fell apart, I eventually left, went into exile, faded and gained contact with my children. (concise version of history)

    I now have two early teenage boys who I see reguarly have a good relationship with. They live with my ex and are surrounded by her family, all JW's. I do try not to counter indoctrinate them, yet do not wish to see them make the same mistake as I did.

    When I was growing up there were a few children who had Ex JW fathers. I know they were only talked about by the adults in hushed tones, the children were pitied in a morbid sort of way. We as children knew these fathers were evil.

    I have no idea what it is like for my boys to grow up in this environment, I have no terms of reference.

    Does anyone here have this experience, how did you view your father? what helped? what did not? did it affect your conciences? Any advice?

    I welcome any perspectives you wish to give me...

  • Lutece

    I remember as we were "fading" that one of my daughter's friends told her that "it's too bad your dad is going to die at Armageddon" and Chloe was so mad! She said that she was so glad we were leaving the "troof" and I felt ashamed because earlier in our marriage I used to think "if he doesn't come around to the truth he won't make it" and it used to make me depressed. Imagine a child dealing with the fact that they love dad, but he's not loving Jehovah so he won't be in the future new world with you. It would make them a little more distant if they really believe, but incredibly sad. I hope you get to teach them and help them see that it's all false and give them that freedom from the fear and guilt that religion instills.


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