does anyone like to fence?

by franklin J 13 Replies latest social physical

  • cruzanheart

    Same here! I loved the sword fight in "The Count of Monte Cristo" between Richard Chamberlain and Tony Curtis. I always thought the moves were very graceful, like a ballet with a purpose.


  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    I took it two semesters in college. It was very interesting and a workout.

    Why do guys always want to go for the boobies? It's a weakness I exploited.

  • franklin J
    franklin J


    the girls I have fenced with are good. ( no "macho" postulating from me!) Their moves were far more deadly , deliberate and faster than mine. While a thrust to the groin is an off target penalty ( and of course can be painful to a guy) a "a parry repost" and target hit to the chest area can be painful to a girl---they all have breast plates under their jackets to prevent this.


  • ChimChim

    never tried it

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