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    Found this interesting piece.....

    Today, the majority of biblical scholars, both Catholic and Protestant, assert that St. John of Zebedee did not write the Gospel that bears his name. They ascribe authorship to the "anonymous" Beloved Disciple. So, if the evidence pointing to John as author of this Gospel is so flimsy -- how, then, did this book become known universally as the Gospel of John?

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    PP, Yeah, that's really something. I've read the other gospels are equally suspicious. It was around Polcarp's time that miracles were attributed to Jesus, virgin birth to Mary and the resurrection as witnessed by Mary Magdelene really helped the new sect survive.

    Very interesting

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    Thanks for the info i find it very helpful. I enjoy the site you posted a while back on "Early Christian Writings"

    "John's" gospel is certainly the most spiritual of the four. Interesting thing about this gospel is he doesn't enclude the sign of Christ comming again. And has Jesus at a wedding feast 3 or 4 day after his baptism in stead of in the wilderness fasting like the other 3 gospels in fact doesn't even include the temptation by the devil. Doesn't speak about casting out demons. And names Peter in places that the other three omit.

    In fact if one reads this Gospel closely it seems to be a kind of put down of the other three, and definitely a put down for Peter.

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    Pete, can you give me the link to the site where this came from so I can send it to my Catholic dad? He loves theology and this is right up his alley.

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    Pete, can you give me the link to the site where this came from so I can send it to my Catholic dad? He loves theology and this is right up his alley.

    I found the following links related to peacefulpete's expose: Magdalene/Mary Magdalene as author of the Gospel of John.htm

    Basically, they all are a copy of the same document.

  • peacefulpete

    thanks guys. The theory has some plausibility yet assumes an historical Mary M. I have reservations about this due to the fact that her character and role as described in the gospels mirrors that of female counterparts in pagan savior stories. Of course that does not rule out a person behind a myth, and that such a person as MM may have composed an early mystery form of the Jesus story that became known after Catholic editing as the Gospel of John. I do not wish to open a debate about these matters yet I found the factual bit about the naming of John as the author of the work, of interest to everyone.

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    Looking through your posting history, I see a certain pattern.

    Could you please let us know where you're coming from? Were you, or are you a dub?


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    third generation, 10 years as pioneer, Bethelite, 4 years foreign assignment as acting PO, 3 years out.

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