Were you 100 Percent JW?

by Iamallcool 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • mickbobcat

    Not really. At times I believed in the BS. I never thought about pioneering or giving up work and I never gave a dime to the cult. Money was hard to come by and I never had it to give so I did not. when they sent a letter around asking the heads of house holds to put a number down as to how much they can give every month I did not return it. The only thing I did was in 1992, I was at one of my I am believing phases and when communism collapsed, the Berlin wall came down and it was peace and security I sold several of my guns. I have since bought them back but that was one of the only times I got crazy. So glad that was all I did. I hate the cult with all my being. I will tell anyone who will listen how evil and destructing they are.

  • Overrated

    Back in 83' when I was baptized as Jw after growing into it at 100%. But after two years of the flip-flopping, favoritism among the the organization and demands for time and more money. It went from 100% to -negative 100 % in. I don't want any thing to do with the slamballs known as Gee-hovah Witnesses.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I was 23 when I got baptized. Believed in it Hook line and sinker 100%. This high control group caused me a great deal of torment because of the fact I believed it to be true and that I was never good enough, particularly when I made mistakes.

    Now I look back on all the BS I was fed and just can't believe I was so stupid. J dubs, like scientologist are a high control group who ovsseively micro manage people's lives.withtheir pharisaical rules.

    Instead of satisfying your spiritual need, they smother it to the point you are put of joining another Christian faith group for fear of a repeat (once bitten........).

    Thank God I am no longer attending. At least I can live my life doing the things I like to do, free from the self righteous, judgemental micro managers/elders.

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