Spoof Watchtower covers

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  • dmouse

    As I was accessing my files on Strike9 I noticed what I thought was a Watchtower cover in the random files window.

    I checked it out and found it was a user called 'gita' the files have public access so I don't think I'm breaking any laws by posting this.

    I thought it was pretty funny and worth sharing (if you're watching, gita, forgive me!)

    I seem to remember another site that does this sort of spoof cover. Can anyone tell me the address please?

  • Valis

    my good buddy dfw_nonjw did this one..


    District Overbeer

  • shamus

    Hee hee!

    Scoobysnax needs to see that one...

  • shamus

    Check out his avatar.

  • dmouse

    I know this isn't a spoof Watchtower cover, but I just read this on a humour site, I wonder if it's a true story?

    In Edmonton, Alberta, in July, Bill Sokolik pleaded guilty to a
    2002 robbery that went down this way: He had wrapped his head in
    gauze, covered his face with silicon putty and rouge (and
    oversized glasses), grabbed a Samurai sword, walked into a
    Jehovah's Witnesses hall, and screamed, "I am the evil that you
    have read about! This is the face of evil!" He was in the middle
    of collecting cash and credit cards from everyone when the police
    arrived. (A psychiatrist had testified that Sokolik had run out of
    medication several days before.) [Edmonton Journal, 8-1-03]

  • dmouse
  • Enishi

    LOL, these are funny!

  • greven

    I have made some too... a few samples:

    You can find more coverspoofs here

    password is 'welcome'



  • shamus

    Thanks so much, Greven. If I make some up I'll send them your way... you have quite a collection!


    Edited to add: I'm going to link them.. they are very very funny. Thanks again, Greven!

    And they go on...

  • shamus

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