I'm back.

by Gadget 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • tinkerbell82

    welcome back, gadget...glad to see your spirits are up :)

  • Sassy

    We were a bit worried about you Gadget. Glad to know you had a chance to get some time away and sure hope this promotion encourgement works out for you!! We missed you!

  • Gadget

    Thanks everyone. I've got a huge hangover because when my friends from work found out I was back home they came and kidnapped me to go to the pub.... We had a good night though.

    And bikerchic, yeah I meant a motorbike, lol. I used to ride ordinary bikes a lot, the most I done was 80 miles in a day but I started having knee problems so I stopped riding. And I get such a rush from riding my motorbike, I use it more than the car no matter what the weather or temperature.

    I'm back at work on Tuesday, but I'm only working 3 days then I'm off on a course to prepare for the promotion JSAC, then I'm off for another week! My friend from Scotlands coming down for the week so we should have some fun, but will have to refit the bathroom door before she gets here.... lol.


  • qwerty


    Nice to see you back.

    You have new bike? ......... They beat the car any day!

    Hope you have good time with you friend from Scotland


  • frenchbabyface

    ... ...

  • orangefatcat

    Gadget Welcome Home !!!!

    Missed You.

    Love orangefatcat

  • shotgun

    Did you enjoy the wind blowing through that big head of hair while biking?

    Glad your back..Gadget did you find any widgets in your travels?

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