Happy Halloween!

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  • Euphemism

    I'm probably going to regret this post in the morning... Piph is in the bathroom right now, trying not to puke, and I'm barely able to compose proper sentences.. I left my credit card behind at a local club, with a tab open... but you know what? Getting drunk is fun! I don't intend to do it often... it makes one rather disconcertingly vulnerable. But it's really fun. Hope you all had a wonderful halloween!

  • shamus


    I had one hellova boring one... waiting for trick or treaters that never came.

    Don't puke yourself...

  • Latte

    Happy Halloween!

    To all those with sore heads this Saturday morning.....hope that you had a great time!

    To all the American partygoers.................sorreeee I mean .

    (just Jealous coz I couldn't get to a party last night....especially the one at joy2bfree & jst2laws....where everyone is....lol)

  • Jesika

    LOL god if I could take back some of the posts I have made drunk LOL. I wake up the next day and forgot I even posted some things.

    I had a GREAT Halloween!!!!! As usual my son (he is about to be 10) always wants me to be a vampire........so once again.........I was a vampire .

    My sister and I went to this carnival made by the daycare my nephew attends.

    My sister and I (besides one) were the only adults dressed up for the occassion (hey.......we are making up for lost time ok? LOL).

    They made a small haunted house in the backyard for the little ones and guess who was the main attraction?? Me and my sister were designated to scare everyone!! LOL

    TOOOO much fun!!!!!!!!


    I am so glad I can and my sister can allow our children the chance to be kids and have fun with the holidays!!!!

    Holding up a beer and saying cheers to all who had fun this halloween!!!!!!!!!!



  • AnnOMaly
    Getting drunk is fun! I don't intend to do it often...

    LOL! From one who has had one or two (or three or four...) *monster* hangovers in her time ... you'll learn that it doesn't do for your body to take such a beating.

    TIP: No matter how smashed you are, make sure you drink gallons of water before you collapse face down on the floor for the night.

    *shakes head*

    Hope it was worth it!

  • drwtsn32

    Sigh...everyone's been drunk except me.

  • oldcrowwoman

    Me neither Doc !!! At least my head is not like a football ! <<<g>>>

    Spider Pumpkin 5

    Ghoul Ghost 4

    Ghost 2 Trick Or Treat

    Skull 2 Old Crow

  • AnnOMaly

    Aw come oooonnn! Not even a little tiddly?

  • drwtsn32
    Aw come oooonnn! Not even a little tiddly?

    I've had a buzz...but that's it. And that was after 5 bacardi silvers. I think I'll make a few triple strength margaritas tonight.

  • AnnOMaly

    LOL Wey heyyy!

    Remember the water!

    Anyway, I don't think Eu was really that hammered. He could still spell and use words like 'disconcertingly'.

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