Oddest front covers on Watchtower or Awake

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  • sir82

    Is it just me?

    These covers are so...so...obtuse...

    It's almost kind of charming, how woefully out of touch the magazine writers / editors were.

    Nowadays it's all so simplified and dumb and well, frankly, boring.

    And it's going to get worse - only 12 magazine topics - ever, just endlessly repeated on a loop?


    I dunno, it was kind of....goofily fun...to think of the Awake editor, scrambling to come up topics to fill 64 pages a month, leading to articles like "Let's visit a salt mine" or "Bolivia's charming mountain goats" or "How to eat pig knuckles" and so on.

    Maybe it is just me....I tend to get more nostalgic as I get older.....

  • pale.emperor
  • TD


    I wonder if the "terrorist" boys and the "wiccan" girls felt "wicked" posing for those covers?

    I'm assuming they are probably all JW's....

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