Victims of "political repression"

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  • OrphanCrow
    bibleexaminer: I find it amusing that the Watchtower was working to be designated as "victims of political repression".
    One cannot be "politically neutral" and be politically repressed.

    Isn't that called estoppel? Trying to have their cake and eat it too?

    Regardless of where a person stands on the "freedom of religion" issue, what is apparent in this performance in Russia, is the duplicitous nature of the Watchtower machine.

    'They' (WT/JW) twist and turn and slide...and poke fingers back. It is this - trying to say they are "politically repressed" when it doesn't apply - and their assertions that they are shiny faced innocent. To say - but we haven't imported any material in the last 2 years! is a misrepresentation. They had a shipment blocked at the border last year. From Finland, I think. And, we all were raised on stories of how smuggling literature into banned countries was the next thing to being touched with the hand of Jehovah himself.

    Give me a break. They hide behind half truths and when that doesn't work, they jump up and down and say - look at you! look at all you do wrong!

    Anything and everything to avoid addressing what it is that they really are: an organization that politically represses anyone and everyone they can pull into their net.

  • biblexaminer

    The whole problem is GOVERNING BODY HUBRIS.

    They pushed to be legal in Russia and then they marched into Russia and stuck the Watchtower flag in the ground and claimed victory.

    Then they bought up real estate. Put down roots. Pushed out their collective chests and boldly went where no fanatic has gone before.

    They never stopped to think, because they have no humility.

    And now, all they give a damn about is the real estate.

    If Russia would say, hey GB we will give you your investment back, then the GB would grab the loot, get up, walk out and never come back... happily.

  • OrphanCrow

    Yes, it isn't that the argument is "freedom of religion" - the argument is "what is religion (the institution) allowed to do"?

    And now, all they give a damn about is the real estate.

    Well, that and their precious Hospital Information Service. They have groomed the bloodless market in Russia for a long time now - they jumped on that one pretty quick back in the 90s. I doubt they want to give up on that investment.


    These are the same ding-dongs that joined the UN, then lied about it, and are now part of the OSCE.

    The WTBTS is not politically neutral. They actively seek to affect change on the world scene.


  • tor1500


    They tell us to be politically neutral UNTIL, supposedly our right to preach is threatened then it's ok to be political....NOW....but they don't call it that, they call it standing for our any language, that's a being political....

    JW's are political to show they are persecuted...remember most of them have a persecution gene...I'm a witness I know...they are paranoid...always thinking you talking about them or always offended taking things the wrong way...overly sensitive but in reality witnesses think who the heck they are but play that humble card...

    Plus witnesses don't cotton to you if you are not a broken wing...I used to be on another site, and would comment and no replies, because even though I was a witness I didn't have any "Woe" is me nobody would reply to one day I said, let me comment on how being a witness has really brought me down and I'm so depressed and that I think the witnesses are ruining me...guess what? Comments all over the place...trying to encourage me, but when I was ok but just venting...silence....guess you got to be a messed up witness to get any attention...

    As many have said here...the repression is inside the org, from political to sexual....Russia exercises more freedom of speech than the org. does....


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