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  • Earnest

    OrphanCrow : The medical doctors who are purported to have authored this article, would and should know that this article is not a study, isn't even close to being a study, and it doesn't even follow proper referencing and sourcing for the material that they have presented.

    In the American Journal of Hematology, Volume 92, Issue 12, pp,1370-1381 this is described as a Critical Review. It would be the writer of the article in Science Trends that describes it as a study. Further, if you read the full text in the American Journal of Hematology you will see their material is sourced with 141 references.

    OrphanCrow : this is a fluff piece generated by Jehovah's Witnesses themselves who have a special interest in the world of "bloodless medicine".

    I would not describe the critical review in the American Journal of Hematology as "fluff", and I would not know who generated it. The authors are all from the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland:

    • Carlton D. Scharman, Internist, Department of Internal Medicine.
    • Debora Burger, Program Manager, Patient Blood Management Program.
    • Joseph J. Shatzel, Fellow in Hematology & Oncology, Knight Cancer Institute.
    • Edward Kim, Assistant Professor of Neurology, School of Medicine.
    • Thomas G. DeLoughery, Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Pediatrics, Knight Cancer Institute.

    OrphanCrow : Not once do the authors talk about any of the risks or side effects of so-called "bloodless medicine"

    Apart from the risk of decreasing hemoglobin concentration, which you refer to later, there are several risks which the authors highlight, for example (p.1374):

    "Because of transfusion limitations, the treatment of hemorrhagic shock in JWs can be particularly challenging, often requiring rapid infusion of fluids and possible vasopressors to maintain pressures...However, excessive use of crystalloids has been associated with coagulopathy and organ dysfunction likely because of metabolic derangements."
    Reference : Cotton BA, Guy JS, Morris JA Jr., Abumrad NN. The cellular, metabolic, and systemic consequences of aggressive fluid resuscitation strategies. (Shock. 2006; 26(2):115-121)

    OrphanCrow : The authors of the article in the OP say this about low HB levels: [Quotation from article]

    Note that no citation was offered for the profound "suggestion" that they offered. None. No citation. Just a "suggestion" based on a study that they didn't cite.

    OrphanCrow : and then, at the end of the article, we find the citation for the above quote

    Not quite sure what point you are making here. In most articles you have the full references at the end of the article. This one is no different.

    This is a helpful and authoritative article which should be read by anyone who will not accept blood.

  • Giordano

    The thing I find most irritating is the attempt by JW's to frame blood transfusion's as a medical issue and by pass the very weak doctrine which was established for a dietary/sacrificial issue after a murderous god drowned an entire world.

    I can remember as far back as the early 1960's that the key defense against receiving a BT was how dangerous a transfusion was.

    JW's then and now like to argue that it's safer not to recieve a BT. Every year in the USA 3600 JW's are in need of a life saving blood transfusion.

    This is based on the following statistics:

    • How many JW’S die each year for want of a Blood Transfusion? According to the Red Cross and various National Blood Banks 4.5 million American lives are saved each year by blood transfusions. ...

      Since JW’S make up .8% of the US population. .8% of those 4.5 million who needed a transfusion is 3600. So roughly speaking 3600 JWs plus or minus will face this situation each year in the US alone.

  • steve2

    What I have seen across the US is no blood treatment advocacy by major hospitals. Just recently, I visited a major hospital and flashing on the computer screens of some of the doctors I noticed: No blood treatment flashing and it said something about making it the standard of care.

    Which hospital Fisherman?

    To the best of my knowledge no state-funded hospital has moved to "No blood treatment" or made it "the standard of care". This would be highly controversial given that a major hospital would also have Emergency Departments that require donated blood.

    You base your post on seeing something flashing on doctors' computer screens. If you did see "something" you have likely misconstrued what you saw.

  • OrphanCrow
    Not quite sure what point you are making here.

    I know. That's because you didn't follow what I was saying. The first was in reference to the OP article and the second was in reference to the interview with Dr. Benson. The interview reference was cited correctly - the OP didn't cite at all

  • Fisherman
    This would be highly controversial. Also "The standard of care."

    I was very surprised. Also, not many JW in the US compared to all the vampires, so these hospitals are not targeting a few stray cat JW for business.

    There are a lot others.

  • Earnest

    OrphanCrow : The interview reference was cited correctly - the OP didn't cite at all

    The article in Science Trends which the OP cites is based on a study in the American Journal of Hematology, Volume 92, Issue 12, pp,1370-1381 as I mentioned above.

    The article in the American Journal of Hematology (entitled Treatment of individuals who cannot receive blood products for religious or other reasons) discusses the study which showed some patients (46%) were able to survive with hemoglobin of 2.1–3.0 grams per deciliter. It cites the same study as Kaaron Benson does, namely Transfusion. 2002;42(7):812-818, which is why I confused the two.

    If you can get access to the study in the American Journal of Hematology I think you will be pleasantly surprised that this is a serious study by experienced doctors with useful information for health care institutions with "Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Programs".

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