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  • vienne

    As some of you know, I'm not a Witness, but I am the co-author of a series of history book that discuss the Watch Tower's earliest years. Russell mentions a 'brother' van der Ahe as an early days WT evangelist. We can't identify him. This is what we have:

    We don’t know who “Brother” van der Ahe was. Possible candidates are two Pittsburgh residents living and working near the Russell’s Fifth Avenue store. The Pittsburgh directories spell the name as Vandera. Thurston’s 1869 Directory lists William, a salesman, and Louis, a shoemaker. There is no firm identification of Van der Ahe. - From a chapter that will appear in Separate Identity volume 2.

    Some of you are adept researchers. Can you solve this problem?


  • tepidpoultry

    William B Van Aniburgh ?


  • vienne

    No. W. E. Van Amburgh comes into the picture much later.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    W.E. Van Amburgh (?) he was the secretary-treasurer at Rutherford's time

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    1187 WT June pg 940 2nd column 2nd paragraph from the top. Van Der Ahe'

  • scratchme1010

    I wish I could help. I'd like to know when you find out.

  • Splash

    The only mention of him in the WT magazines up until 1914 is:

    w1887 June R940 p.1
    "Brothers Van der Ahe, Cain, Grable, Hughes, and Sisters Raynor and Vogel and others are doing remarkably well, and we trust that before next month many others will be doing as much or more."

    This was in a comment discussing a Bro Adamson, possibly J.B. Adamson of Greenville Pa., the author of very many letters to and from Bro Russell.

  • Splash

    As a director of Zions WT, by 1894 This Bro JB Adamson had turned against Bro Russell, publicly accusing him of sexual immorality and quoting 1Cor 5:1-5, denouncing the society as a myth, and printing tracts trying to "expose the errors of Millenial Dawn and Zions WT".

    Mrs Adamson was also involved in describing Mrs Russell as haughty.

    For this he was called a false brother and enemy of the truth, and the WT printed many letters opposing Bro Adamson and his accusations.

  • snowbird

    The name can also be spelled:


    Von der Ahe


  • vienne

    Thanks Snowb. J. B. Adamson is John Bartlet Adamson. 1837-1904. We have a fair biography of Adamson.

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