Pope Francis: 'There Is No Hell'

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  • jwleaks
    Wasanelder Once - I sure hope my immortal salivation isn't just a theory.

    Not to worry. Your forum comments and search history will live on forever.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I love this information. There is no greater and more successful religion in the history of mankind than the RC Church and what Papa Francis has said has put a cat among the pigeons. The rest of the magisterium must be in a state of panic! What, declare there is no fiery hell? Good grief! Removing the fear of everlasting hell will take away our very best tool for obedience to the Church.

    JW cult HQ will note with interest the reaction to giving up long held doctrines merely for the sake of reason. . . you lose out on CONTROL which is at the heart of all cult teachings. Whatever happens, the flock must not be allowed think for themselves!

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