JWs Like to Take Away Hope...

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  • JW_Rogue

    I think the worst thing about JWs is that they like to take away peoples realistic hopes for a happy life now and replace it with false hope for the future. Tell a JW you want to go college and get a good career and they'll tell you that college is a waste of time, that you'll end up in debt or that the economy is so bad there are no jobs. Tell a JW about how scientists have discovered a new technology that could improve millions of lives and they'll tell you that scientists and technology have "ruined the earth" and cannot be trusted. Tell a JW about things that could be done to improve society, government, or human rights and they'll tell you there is nothing man can do. So they take away people's hope in anything that can realistically happen through man's effort and replace it with just waiting for God to make everything perfect. For JWs if it is not a perfect solution then there is no need to even care about it.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, it's really illogical what JWs say. To hear these idiots talk about hating technology, we would all be living in the Stone Age if they were running the show.

    If nobody got higher education, where would doctors come from? The Witnesses who try to discourage a young person from getting college are jealous to some degree. It's too late for them so they try to hold somebody back.

    Misery loves company and I do agree they try to take away people's hope and replace it with empty promises.

    The Witnesses are stupid but they like their creature comforts. The poverty these hypocrites are pushing is not for them, just some other guy....This is a very damaging religion for impressionable young people, in my opinion.

    I'm so glad I ignored much of what they preached!

  • JW_Rogue

    They attract negative people who want to coast through life but still feel superior to others. It's sad that so many will put off the things that could really make them happy and fulfilled, while smugly looking down of those who try and perhaps fail to reach their goals.

  • smiddy

    So true JWR ,

    And it never ceased to amaze me how many JW`s think they are just going to walk into someones mansion with a beautiful view with all the mod cons that are available now after Armageddon .

    Where is their brain.

    Do they think all the infrastructure / utillities water ,electricity ,sewerage ,etc,etc, that are available now will still be operating when the worldly people who run these services now are all killed off in the big A?

    The GB know this but they dont make it obvious to the rank and file that the actual paradise conditions they portray wont happen overnight ,not even for a few hundred years.at least.

    That would take away hope on another level.

    Sure take away hope in this system , but keep the realism of the new System under wraps.

  • joker

    Yes I totally agree with you.

    in HS I really wanted to go to school to become a veterinarian.My boss ( who was a vet) was going to help me out financially.

    but having family and friends who were witnesses, EVERY SINGLE TIME I spoke about my plans to the witnesses I got "your wasting your time", " it takes so long to become licensed, your time would be better spent working for the kingdom" and other mindless crap along those lines.

    Here I am, left the jw's ten years ago, (I'm 56 now) and everyday I could just kick myself in the rear end for not following what I Wanted to do with my life.

  • Spoletta

    The thing that bothers me most is the attitude that there's no point in trying to do anything with your life now, or trying to make the world a better place. It absolves them of any responsibility for the rest of mankind.

  • smiddy

    But yes Spoletta they have no trouble in taking advantage of all the programmes that are available to them by the government depending on where you live on the earth ,here in Australia they take advantage of the dole , (money to live on before you can get a job ) free medicine or susidised medicine.,And many JW`s have no intention of getting a job while they are pioneering.And the Government pays for it.

    Oh thats right its theocratic warefare take advantage of your opponents generosity .and exploit it.

  • ambersun
    So they take away people's hope in anything that can realistically happen through man's effort and replace it with just waiting for God to make everything perfect. For JWs if it is not a perfect solution then there is no need to even care about it.

    So true. Just sit back and "wait on Jehovah" to provide the solution to all the suffering in the world.

    In the meantime, we will waste our REAL lives just dreaming about all the careers and hobbies we intend to do in the New System.

    Then one day we wake up to TTATT and realise what has actually happened.

  • punkofnice

    To me, the main message behind the corporation is to 'hate and mistrust everyone (even the brothers(TM)), but only love the Governing body. God and Jesus unimportant. It's all about the worship of the GB.

    Yes. The main message from the WBT$ is viscous hatred.

    I know this because if I learned anything from the WBT$ is was how to hate.

  • tor1500


    Many JW's are not very well learned....that's some of what they attract....so many of them that are unlearned believe whatever the org. says. why because they learned to read and reason. So it makes them grateful and hang on every word the org. says...now, many folks who are not very educated come in various attitudes..one that comes to mind is someone who couldn't read now can cite scriptures at the drop of a hat to most folks who only know the lord's prayer...so they believe their publicity the org. sold them...they are superior, and with no college education...or the other one...one are not educated....very humble.....and so grateful...again, whatever the org. says is right, because I'm a poor illiterate soul...and Jehovah looked down on poor ole no read'n me...and they are just as dangerous as the ones who feel superior.

    Every commenter hit all the nails on the head. Many are just jealous of the young ones who have their life ahead of them....and many wasted theirs...Most of the witnesses have had all the sex they are going to have in or out of the truth in or out of marriage....and now it's time for the young ones to have some fun....the ole ones are telling them...they are wasting their time...oh really...old folks had their fun. Now they are looking down the barrel of old age and death...

    In the words of my dad....JW'S ARE PARTY POOPERS...

    Yes, they do attract negative folks. I am positive and so the friends like me but they do not know how to take me and most of all....HOW TO FIX ME.

    JW's live the good life. It does depend on where you go. But I see it first hand, they live well, yet cry broke.


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