Waiting for Jehovah's witnesses

by sinboi 5 Replies latest social humour

  • sinboi

    My mom : Why are you leaving the door open?

    Me : Jehovah's wintesses are around. I am waiting for them.

    My mom ; What for?

    Me : To convert the mosquitoes in my room.

    (Seriously, last nite I didn't have a good sleep because of the mosquitoes. How I wish they become JWs , abstain from blood and most importantly, to SHUN ME!!!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Good one SB !!!

    Invest in some netting real quick.

  • smiddy3

    That`s clever sinboi you may have a life as a comic ?

  • DesirousOfChange

    That`s clever sinboi you may have a life as a comic ?

    You might still consider getting that education..........or maybe not.........

    TRUE STORY -- A young junior in a very conservative and prestigious private high school, who was most known for his stuttering and gretting trouble for his graffiti on the bathroom stalls, was given this "encouragement" by one of his instructors in his HS Yearbook:

    ". . . .“Dear Xxxx, you had better start growing up real soon because, remember, you can’t always draw cartoons.”

    That was Mike Peters. Better known now for "Mother Goose & Grimm" vs graffiti

    Image result for mother goose and grimm cartoon

  • smiddy3

    J.W : Gives his witness presentation to a householder

    H.H. : So to cut to the chase what you really want is for me to be a witness for Jehovah right ?

    J.W. : Somewhat taken aback by the response say`s "Well yes that would be a good thing "

    H.H.: then replies " I`m sorry but I never saw the accident " and then closed the door.

  • sinboi

    Smiddy and DOC,

    I have many pictures in my brain. But I just can't draw them out. I suck at drawing. I remember once , I think I am 9 or 10 yrs old, my teacher embarassed me in front of the class when he show everybody my drawing. He did not know what I am drawing. Nobody in the class knows what I draw.

    I can only express it in words. But a picture means a thousand words...

    For example, when I da'd myself, an elder's son who was in my school drew a picture of a dog eating its own vomit and placed it on my desk.

    I have the picture of JWs eating the shit of those old men from the gb. But I can't drew it out. I wanted to ask my friend to draw it but he don't understand exactly the picture in my mind....I am so frustrated over it.

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