Ancient Hebrews Got Away With So Much

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  • Tim207

    Why wasn’t Judah punished for sleeping withTamar? Even though she had the legal right to an offspring by his family he still thought he was sleeping with a prostitute. If it is wrong to even think of having relations with a woman similar to the “sin” of watching pornography why wouldn’t what Judah did be wrong? Seems like ancient Hebrews got away with crazy things that seem wrong. All this tricking their father in laws to sleep with them. These girls be nasty when you think of it. Yes it could be viewed as the only way to continue their family line leading to Jesus but remember with God all things are possible so why not miraculously provide a better way? Sorry just venting during our family worship.

  • WTWizard

    And so did their god, joke-hova. That thing wanted this group to go into occupied lands and exterminate people just because they did not worship it. The ones that turned to this abomination were enslaved. Just go into a country and slaughter everyone, and destroy everything of value. This cancer of a nation has then spread to other nations, exterminating them all the way through the old testament. And for what, because they did not adhere to jokehovian laws? And they imposed Noahide Law on everyone that wanted to live on their own land?

    Then they squeak about those who supposedly broke their own laws. Do you hear about that in the "nations"? We have plenty of people right here that rob, rape, and murder. Is this something that is such a big deal aside from the perpetrators going to jail or perhaps, in the most severe cases, the death penalty? Many get away with such because "the chosen ones" let them. Others, going against "the chosen ones", get major jail terms for that. And we see what is going on in the middle east to this very date--the same genocide by "the chosen ones" that was in that bible.

    Joke-hova, and everything it created or touched, is cancer. Everything this thing made or touched is way dirtier than something touched at the supermarket. At least all you are likely to get at the store is coronavirus. But this god is way worse--enslaving and exterminating the whole human race, torturing the best of each race and enslaving everyone else. And for what? That thing delivers no one. It seeks to impose the noahide laws on the whole human race, then boast about "forgiveness" for "sins" against laws that go totally against nature. Plus, it will be life in communism, which to me is the antithesis of salvation.

  • sir82

    Wealthy males in the dominant ethnicity got away with, at times, literal murder.

    A piddling little thing like "sleeping with your daughter-in-law because you think she's a hooker" wouldn't even rate a 2-line story in the Jericho Times.

    Funny how little things change in 3000+ years.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    This week covers Joseph being moral. No mention of the possibility she was ugly, or the realest thing: bumping the bosses wife is always a bad idea.

    They should have sent in David or Lot.

  • Vidiot
    Tim207 - "Why wasn’t Judah punished for sleeping with Tamar?"

    Because she wasn't married (anymore)...

    ...therefore, he hadn't committed theft/vandalism of another man's "property".

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    You have to remember that the Bible is mainly fiction. Moses, Abraham Isaac and Jacob did not exist, they are fiction.The twelve tribes did not exist, Most of Genesis is complete fiction. The Exodus is fiction. The conquering of Canaan is fiction. The early kings are fiction, historical kings begin with Hezekiah but the Bible's accounts of historical people are not necessarily true even then.

    The mistake is to imagine that the Bible is the infallible word of God. It is not, it's just a story book.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes the ancient Hebews got away with a lot particularity to those who were high up on the social ladder within that civilization.

    Ironically so do the GB members and their wives.

    But what about what have the leaders of the WTS (GB) have gotten away with, in their involvement to instigate deaths, ruination of individuals in their education and pursuit of health and well being ?

    Add in the destruction of millions of families, the list goes on....

  • cyberjesus

    Why wasn’t Judah punished for sleeping withTamar?

    two witnesses rule
  • LongHairGal


    The Bible is absolutely disgusting with men in ancient times getting away with literal murder and getting to f#ck ANY damn woman they wanted. No consequences whatsoever if the man was of high status!


    Some brother once gave his opinion that Potiphar’s wife in all likelihood was not ugly..but was probably good-looking because a man of his stature supposedly could get the best-looking woman in the land..Of course, we can never know for sure.

    All in all, women’s situation back then was horrible - as it is in many places today.

  • Cadellin

    He got away with it because there was no law against fornication, in the same way there is in the NT. All of the Mosaic laws related to sexual conduct have to be considered in the context of women as property. It wasn't that the sexual act w/o marriage was problematic, it was that the man was tampering with another man's property. Judah having sex with a prostitute was not infringing on another man's rights. However, Tamar risked being burnt alive when found pregnant because she WAS someone's property--in that case, her father-in-law's property. She was one smart cookie to retain proof of paternity.

    I wouldn't agree that the Bible is mainly fiction; however, it is certainly not the kind of accurate history that JWs like to believe. I think what we have are embroidered tales that have their root in some kind of actual events, though not in the fantastical form we read today.

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