Field Ministry over the Christmas / Holiday period

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  • fizzle

    Hello All

    I haven't done any field ministry over the Christmas / Holiday period...

    I know that on Boxing Day only 3 went out at congregation arrangement from the KH...

    I heard from a family member that only 4 went out from their joint two congregation arrangement... Only 4 from TWO congregations!!

    Do you think this is because most publishers are worried about what reaction they will get from the householders... Or do you think most publishers these days view the Christmas period as a holiday - a time to do less workwise and JW-wise?


    fizzle :)

  • sir82

    A little of both.

    I think a lot of JWs plan "family outings" around the holidays so they have a legitimate-sounding excuse not to go out in field serve-us those days.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I personally avoided ''field service'' around xmas and New Year's. We would go on trips or have things planned to not go in ''field service.''
  • joe134cd
    Even when I was in I just thought it was damn rude to knock on someone's door on Christmas day.
  • brandnew
    Do you like knocking sounds when you have a hangover?☺
  • BluesBrother

    No doubt the dubs support for it has waned . Many view it as a day to themselves (and why not?) Around here there was one group from a combined two congs. I have no idea how many went out.

    Even I, in my misspent youth, would never have done Boxing Day or New Year's Day...too many people with hangovers !

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