* 2018 Mergers and changes to UK congregations *

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  • SummerAngel

    Brighton central hall sold, Portslade hall sold. Portslade now meets at Hove as separate cong, Brighton goes to woodingdean but I think there has been some merger there. Numbers dropped to about 60 per cong now for these. Portslade only has 2 young families rest are oldies. Numbers in 1980s were over 100. Info accurate and up to date as all my family stil PIMI and have discussed it with them.

    Their deluded take is its down to house prices.

  • truthseeker

    Great news SummerAngel!

  • Vidiot


    ...at this point, the only thing the WTS seems to have anything in common with is a nine-month-pregnancy with no epidural...

    ...increasing contractions, and excruciating pain.

  • LongHairGal


    So, these sales are happening all over the world!


    Increasing contractions, LOL. But, seriously, the way I see it is: if these Kingdom Hall sales and congregation mergers KEEP happening - it could get to a point where the die-hards might not even have a hall to drive to TWO hours one way! They will be like people left standing without a chair when the music stops (Musical Chairs).

    What will they do then? Start meeting in people’s homes again?

  • freddo

    I've posted some of this before but an update.

    BATH - the historical Roman and Georgian city in North-East Somerset has a population of about 100,000 people and up until the 1990's had three congregations meeting in two of their own Victorian halls. Bought cheap - made nice and with lots of character and valuable.

    In the early 2000's one of these congregations closed and was merged with the other two.

    This summer 2018 the last Bath Kingdom hall in Oldfield Park (valuable property of course had two congregations and a Chinese group/congregation).

    Now they have been booted out - renamed Bath West and Bath East to the nearby towns of Radstock (including the Chinese group) and Trowbridge to share there.

    This means that residents of central Bath have to drive out if their own city over ten miles instead a mile or two or even on their doorstep.

    Also - to have a city as historical and as prestigious as Bath with NO kingdom hall must be a real demoraliser on the ministry.

    Even the Christadelphians have a hall in Bath ... here it is!


  • Phizzy

    Thanks for the info Freddo, nice to see the Christadelphians still going, I see they have been there since 1880, just about the time Russell started his own Scam, sorry religion.

    Of course, the Christadelphians were teaching then much what they teach now, which is not miles apart from what JW's teach now, so if the JW's now have the "truth" surely the Christadelphians had it when Jesus did his choosing, why did he not choose them ? They were also truly Conscientious Objectors, from the mid 19th Century, Russells and Rutherfords lot were not.

    The Kingdom Hall sales are I think a sign of desperation because cash is short for the Org, they can only do merge and sell for so long.

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