When the WT study goes beyond what is written in the Bible.

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  • BluesBrother


    Firstt issue -1879.... always has done

  • smiddy3

    So if Mary is given a spiritual body in the appearance of a male as a member of the 144,000,

    does she also have a penis as well ?

    You may well ask ?

    I don`t mean or have any intention here of being disrespectful in anyway ,however if they show her with male attributes then why not go all the way.

  • pale.emperor

    This must be very awkward for Michael/Jesus or whatever they're calling him now. Your mother is now a man and you're more important than him.

    Guess Jesus/Michael knows how Kendal Jenner feels...

  • Ding

    Just remember that all this "truth" comes from the same organization that said World War I was Armageddon, that the churches would be destroyed wholesale in 1918, that the resurrection of the patriarchs would occur in 1925, and that we would never grow old in this system of things.

  • sir82

    When the WT study goes beyond what is written in the Bible

    Dude, that is literally every single friggin' week.

  • EverApostate

    If Holy Mary is part of 144K, then why she didnt attend the Lord's evening meal.

    Am I missing anything here ? Please someone explain. My life is at stake.

  • blondie

    Supposedly per the WTS, spirits do not have flesh and blood bodies, so why would any of them have a penis in heaven? How many of the other male followers (besides the 12 (or 11 per others) of Jesus attend the LEM?

  • EverApostate

    The title of this thread as well as many people commenting here are concerned that WT is going beyond what is written in the Bible.

    Do they still beleive that the Bible is the (only) word of a (True) god, written down for man’s betterment and that WT is going beyond what is written ?

  • blondie

    There are many points that the WTS has done this over years; they place the GB over god's word many times and say that average jws don't have the smarts or the holy spirit like do....!?

  • waton

    perhaps some wt writers, and D.S. would fit that pattern, are deluded enough to believe that their continuing elaboration on the flawed scriptures , "God's" word, is "God's" work in progress.

    Even some posters here enjoy that game, what with new spirit creatures with the potential to have the balls to go back to pre-deluge times.

    For wt it is all part of the indoctrination. repeat, repeat with variations for emphasis. Make the jws live the experience, mentally.

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