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  • stavro

    If you are trying to help a loved one wake up from indoctrination then the yearly statistics can be a very useful tool.

    It forces JWs to try any rationalize why no one except for the most uneducated, believe their scriptural interpretation of the bible? Jw doctrine has become more and more ludicrous over time. Time and not apostasy has become their worst enemy.

    The problem facing the organisation is where the growth is consistently coming from! It is consistently the poorest most uneducated people who are naturally attracted to their promise of a better life. The statistics, combined with the need to simplify the publications, has been showing this clearly for some time now. These poor people can't help the organisation either financially or intellectually. All they can do is help increase the number of memorial partakers

    So not only is the organisation leaking money they are also desperately leaking intelligent people! The level of intellect possessed by the current governing body and which was put on public display by the Australian Royal Commission, is a testament to this.

    Jehovah said that time would reveal the truth about everything. Nothing can hide or escape from it. I think this is one prophecy we can all agree on.

  • smiddy

    For a jehovah`s witness increased numbers of publishers , bible studies ,baptisms etc, are all an evidence of Jehovah`s blessing on his modern day organization in these last days.

    That is why these statistics have been a major point of every yearbook since they started them.

    Look how jehovah has blessed his organization with the growths in catholic dominated countries like Spain. Italy ,Brazil , Portugal , etc look how he has opened up the work in African nations , Japan to name a few.

    The figures , numbers do play a big part in JW belief that Jehovah is blessing them.

    That is how it has been up to recent times , however if the numbers do go into decline as has been indicated more recently , this is how the governing body will spin it.

    { It just shows how close we are to the Great Tribulation and Armageddon , because the Scriptures say " that the love of the greater number will cool off " before the end comes .}

    Jehovahs Witnesses speak out of both sides of their mouth

  • Vidiot

    "Everything is proof we're right! Even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff!"

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