"Heretic" podcast - Netflix movie "Come Sunday"

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  • Dagney

    I remember listening to this a few years ago. The podcast was just re-released because the movie was just released on Netflix. Pretty amazing. A moment of clarity, a real "come to Jesus" moment to a guy deep deep within the Oral Roberts Pentecostal organization.


    Ira Glass says the movie covers much more than the podcast, giving more insight to the relationship with Roberts and the aftermath with all including his family. Pearson spent hours and hours with the screenwriters building the story. He calls out the Bible writers, God, hell you name it. That is a rare stand in that world.

    Netflix movie produced by This American Life is called "Come Sunday," with an all star cast. I am going to watch it tonight.

  • Giordano

    Recently watched it surprisingly good actors and the story is well written and very compelling.

    Unfortunately it bogged down on the issue of eternal hell. And demonstrated how those so called loving Bishops and minsters and worshipers were more then willing to condemn people to Hell as a just punishment for minor crimes and misdemeanors.

    I wish they had used the JW pedophile problem and the WT's criminal like interest in not protecting the children, even enforcing the witnesses who have to deal with their child's attack........ not to seek justice. With shunning to add to their burden if they did.

    A far more troubling aspect to the family dynamic and safety then Hell.

    Then that truly nasty bit of WT business....... don't inform the community that there is a pedophile in their midst........ even some knocking on their doors to offer a family bible study.

    Maybe one day Barbara and her husband's story and punishment at the hands of the WTBTS will reveal something more devastating then not believing in Hell Fire.

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