What Happens If the JW Beard Policy Stumbles a Person

by Cold Steel 37 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • AverageJoe1
    wearing a beard can b be met with a loss of privileges.

    The Governing Body are such hypocrites as is evidenced by this fiasco. First of all, a beard is nothing to do with conscience at all: it's a natural part of being a male adult. It would be equally absurd to start arguing about whether going to the loo was for christians or not: it's a point of nature, end of.

    Plus, their tactic of saying one thing to the public (and in this case the congregation) but doing another only goes to further highlight their hypocrisy. If, according to them, beards are OK in the country and area where they live, then why don't they allow brothers in Bethel to have them or have parts on the assembly with them? Oh look, double standards...again!

  • DesirousOfChange

    What happens?

    Isn't it obvious that the person did not have the right "heart attitude" to humbly accept Da Troof and the loving counsel regarding dress and grooming from G.O.D.? Quit casting pearls before swine!

  • FedUpJW

    Being stumbled by the WT beard ban policy is the individuals fault, not anything for WT to worry about.

    This quote pretty well sums their excuse up: *** w88 8/15 p. 30 Maintaining Our Christian Oneness ***
    Whatever the case, how regrettable it is when such overly sensitive ones allow themselves to be offended by trifles..."

    You see if one is stumbled according to WT it is that persons fault. Always blame the victim.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    It's the way they do these things -- the logic they employ. Like the birthday policy. There was, what, two, examples of people using birthdays to bring about mischief in the Bible? Then there's the use of the church itself to dictate such things! I'd love to take some people who'd been born and raised in the JW faith and make them visit other churches and see how unobtrusive they are. That's probably why people aren't allowed to do that.

    Jesus went to the temple and talked to both the Pharisees and Saducees. He wasn't chastised by his mother about those horrid worldly people. Instead, he spent hours with them! And the folks Jesus criticized sounded more like JWs than they did...Methodists! The whole thing about not visiting other churches should have been a red flag to converts. The beard thing only comes along later. Seeing Jesus without a beard (not to mention the other guy on the torture stake!) was like seeing Hercules without a beard on that horrible cartoon series.

    The idea that a person can go to church and be "counseled" by someone they barely know and by people they don't want counseling them is beyond what most other people in other churches could even comprehend. For you people who were converts, what was your reaction to the first time you were counseled?

  • AverageJoe1
    Whatever the case, how regrettable it is when such overly sensitive ones allow themselves to be offended by trifles..."

    Indeed it is. I love trifles, especially when they are made with real Sherry!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    If "stumbling" householders was their true concern, they'd quit going from door to door altogether.
  • SonoftheTrinity

    "I don't trust anything a clean shaven man, who looks more like a man pleasing salesman or politician than a holy man, has to say about God." -Is there a more discouraging line you could deliver to a door knocker?

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS wants its leaders ( elders) to look like clean shaven honest people , that's the only reason they insist toward this no beards for their positional sales mangers .

    The executive sales directors of the Watchtower Corporation (GB) have made up a designated rule of conduct for appointed men in the organization.

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