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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Ultimate Mordecai (Michael Lehre) is one youtuber I just can never get tired of listening too. There he is just driving to and from work in his car doing his ''ministry''. Some people on youtube just ramble on and on and on, his videos are longer but never get tired of listening to Michael.

    Is it just coincidence? He is based in San Diego CA, USA, where in fact my screen name ''Beth Sarim'' is based. It just seems poignant, and ironic that I get my screen name from a city where the ''Ultimate Mordecai'' is based. When I learned about ''Beth Sarim'' that was one huge revelation to my ''awakening'' to becoming PIMO. I saw youtube videos on "Beth Sarim'' and of course there it is right in the Society's ''Proclaimer'' book. WOW!!!! Which I have a copy of in mint condition.

    I digress. Anyway, just his down-to-earth composure and body language, easy to listen to. Just never get tired of him. Another youtuber on a side note is the pro1Theologist, Jason Morrison from Australia. Those 2 youtubers have this down to earth, easy to listen to demeanor to them. Unlike listening to the GB speak, like someone commented somewhere I can't remember where, but they said listening to some GB speak is like hearing fingernails scraping on a bowl made of vitreous china.

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