How does this make you feel.......?

by ScottyRex 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • ScottyRex

    if ever a silly statement.....'agreeing with something and deriding it are 2 different things' ......well, erm , yes.

    I deride. (because I don't agree?)

    I feel the victims like a battered wife ??? Erm yes that is an awful thing. So do I.

  • Chook

    We need 135000 more participants , then we will achieve heaven on earth. I just can't work out how any Christian can read the black book and not participate. Cheers Ching Ching may the lord bless this guys heart.

  • ScottyRex

    Yay chook. erm......yay......

  • azor

    Scotty most of your posts are criticizing activists. I find your judgement and derision to be appaling. I stand with the battered wife (ex jw's) not the abusive husband (watchtower).

    You seem to have a pattern of coming on this board every few months and throw a dig at those that have been beaten and abused by this organisation. Do I think a battered wife has a right to be bitter, yes I do. Do I think she should go slashing the tires of her husband's car or commit some other crime, no I don't. However I also wouldn't be drawing attention to it deriding her as part of the process.

    Go ahead keep backing the abuser. The abused haven't been through enough have they.

  • pbrow

    Scotty, I am not an anti jw at all costs kind of a person. Jdubs have a right to believe and teach their children what they want.

    I think these kind of protests are more of an example of people "taking power back" from a group then trying to wake people up. (I am speaking as a born in) There is no valid argument that we born ins were not marginalized and lied to for many years.

    As far as this video, if i remember it correctly the guy drank the wine, said a few words promoting his website and then left. When he did that he gave up his invitation to be there and then left. All in all, it was about 3 minutes from when he stood up to when he left. Your mum being offended is a minor consequence if this helped him break the last few strands of his mental bondage to this group.

    I know if my mom had been there, she would have felt a distinct sense of shame that what he was speaking was the truth. Thats only because I have refused to allow my family to shun me and have partially woken up them up. They still choose to be a part of the group but that is their right.


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