Is The "Report" Book (1994) Prophetic About Jehovah's Witnesses?

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    So UBM here.
    i have a jw wife who in 10 years of marriage I have never seen actually read the bible, never given a witness to me, never had a biblical discussion. For a number of years now hardly even reads the magazines. I pick her after meetings and ask her what she learned and she changes the subject.
    I was raised in the church and without being very religous , I like to think I have some idea of the bible narrative. I have been told by witnesses they are impressed with my biblical knowledge level, yet they have no interest in talking to me about biblical matters once they find out I am not completely ignorant of bible theology.
    Getting back to my wife. Every saturday morning, Sunday morning , Tuesday day, assembly and circuit overseer visit. It's s complete dog and pony show . Outside of the complete obedience to the governing body , my wife is an absolute fraud . It's just shocking how much time is wasted for nothing.
    My question, how many witnesses live like this.

    Hi Steel,

    Probably, your situation is not unique among Jehovah's Witnesses today.

    This is because Jehovah's Witnesses are under special punishment and discipline from God for their practice of sin, particularly their wicked secret affiliation with the United Nations Organization as NGO supporters during the 1990s...up to the year of 2001 when this situation was made public. This action on their parts proved to be a serious sin to God, a covenant-breaker in fact and one where they must be severely punished by Jehovah, and which will ultimately result in the complete destruction of this people as a religious organization, as foretold by Bible prophecy.

    In fact, this situation has all been summarized long ago in a publication called the "Report".

    See Link to publication: The "Report" Book

    Because of this great sin on the part of organization leadership, In time, the Watchtower Society Organization with its Governing Body will be revealed to all as being the wicked "Man of Lawlessness" and the organization leadership staff itself being the fulfillment of "Babylon The Great" of Bible prophecy because of this situation and other acts of wickedness. -- See 2 Thess. 2:3-12; Revelation 18:2-4.

    See Article and Link: Jehovah's Witnesses Are In Apostasy!

    There are many prophecies in the bible that show this to be the immediate future for Jehovah's Witnesses.

    This spiritual condition will continue to be the case and even worsen, until a smaller group of them (called the "Male Child" Rev. 12:5 and "Four Angels bound at the Euphrates" Rev 9.13, 14), finally recognize that it is really Jehovah God Himself that is punishing them, and they are finally willing to repent and willingly break from this apostate organization, and form a newer, refined spiritual group of servants of Jehovah, who will ultimately give proper spiritual leadership to the world, with God's Blessing. -- Isaiah 30:26; Jeremiah 23:20; Micah 4:6,7.

    What you described above in your wife, is a Jehovah's Witness who has been totally stripped of God's Holy Spirit, as has been the case with the entire world wide organization, where Jesus, as Head of the Christian Congregation, has completely "removed their lampstand from its place," completely depriving it from receiving any of God's Holy Spirit. (See Rev. 2:5) Because of this condition, many of them (JWs) are now acting as spiritual "zombies" ... walking around aimlessly, with no spiritual direction in life at all. The same is true of the JW Organization. Many now show no interest in discussing the bible or having spiritual discussions at all with other people, OUTSIDE of the Kingdom Halls. Indeed, many JWs are now showing signs to be spiritually dead, spiritual "zombies" ... for all to see. Jehovah God and Jesus Christ, has done this to them, for their wickedness. -- See Isaiah 6:9, 10; John 12:39, 40

    ... Hope this helps.


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    The above was taken from this thread: "Is my situation unique?"


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    No. JWs aren't special. No denomination or individual is special. None of them are mentioned thousands of years ago in Bible prophecy. This is just a reverse of the same BS that JWs have peddled for over a century, as well as other pseudo Christian groups. Please don't perpetuate this mentally ill thinking.


    Steel said:
    So UBM here.
    i have a jw wife who in 10 years of marriage I have never seen actually read the bible, never given a witness to me, never had a biblical discussion. For a number of years now hardly even reads the magazines. I pick her after meetings and ask her what she learned and she changes the subject.

    Smiddy3 said:
    Even when I was "in" I was surprised at how many Elders /MS did not want to discuss the Bible or religion outside of the meetings the common reason was "oh we get enough of that at our meetings this is our free time .

    Toes Up said:
    I think there are a lot more people,within the borg, who act like this. They go for social reasons and can tell others they went to "church" on Sunday. lol

    StephaneLaliberte said:
    Steel: I can tell you that someone in my family is exactly like that. However, I wouldn't call them frauds. Remember, they are spending a lot of times at the meetings and assembly being told that they are studying the bible as a group and they believe it.

    The above was taken from this thread: "Is my situation unique?"

    All those descriptions above of how JWs are acting NOW are the opposite and nothing at all like what the witnesses were like twenty years ago,when I left! Bach then, you could not keep them quiet about what they had learn. Wow!


    And this is especially in view of what Jesus said at John 12:39, 40 where Jesus quotes Isaiah 6:9, 10 as happening to an apostate people and nation. -- Also see Isaiah 28:13.



    So, is it true that Jehovah' Witnesses have strangely lost their will, desire, and motivation to preach their "Good News" message to the world? (Matthew 24:14)

    Could this explain why the door to door/house to house work is down by all accounts around the world, with so many leaving the pioneer ranks and returning to secular activities and money making in the world? (Acts 20:20)

    Could this possibly explain why at the assemblies, we are seeing more and more children at the ages of eight or nine from Witness families being baptized instead of adults being baptized?

    If this is true and the preaching work is down everywhere, then could this explain why they have gone to the 'sit-by-the-cart- no-talking preaching method, where the free literature talks for them? Of course this type of preaching eliminates the need to defend their beliefs, if challenged. (1 Peter 3:15)

    Why there is even talk and speculation that they are going to get rid of in the near future counting hours and turning in field service time, no doubt because the preaching work is down everywhere.


    I wonder, could this and other factors be considered HARD EVIDENCE that Jehovah God has indeed taken away His Spirit and blessings from this apostate organization and people? (See Zechariah 4:6)

    So you mean, Jehovah's Witnesses... just don't "witness" no more?


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