"The Calendar of Jehovah God" - a historical tidbit

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  • Vidiot
    Sometimes I think the really hard-core believers are that way because they're desperate for "This Old System" to end.
  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I was born in the month of Hope on the 6th day of 1954. This calendar was talk about throughout my childhood. Old timers still wondering why we were not using this new world calendar. It' a cult. Lol Still Totally ADD

  • sparky1

    Sam van Sipma told me that in private Rutherford told Woodworth:

    'Stop wasting your time on that god-damned calendar!'

    Not a direct quote. Just my memory of a conversation with Sam.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    If a current JW heard someone say that Jehovah's Witnesses once had their own calendar with new names for months and days of the week, it would just be "apostate lies". And if you tried to press them on it guess what they'd say..."I'm not here to debate".

    That calendar is great!! Let’s use it!


  • blondie

    Most jws who were old enough to know about this, would say it was old news and has been "adjusted" or "clarified." Until 1993, any comprehensive WT book about the history of the WTS were the 1975 YB and the 1959 Divine Purpose book which were out or print by that time. Fortunately I had access to the YB and the Divine Purpose which did not shed much light. The 1993 Proclaimers book was better but had the events chopped up and was not on any timeline. That book led some jws to leave the WTS. Interestingly, the Proclaimers book came about the time the internet took off.

    Out in d2d one day, someone at the door yell from the front room: Miracle wheat. I did not know what that was but I looked it up and asked my grandparents." The internet is a wonderful gift for researching jws.

    BTW: 1953 QFR had this to say (1953 WT bound volumes were not in the KH library).


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