Why is this blind allegiance to the anointed ones?

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  • anointed1

    Even when they know that certain things are not right with the organization the flocks are blindly following their leaders viewing them as the future “kings and priests” (originally a Sumerian concept).

    Greed for a “land of milk and honey” (either in this life or the next) is at the root of their allegiance. Interestingly, greed is something the flocks are warned against: ‘Be on your guard against all kinds of greed which is idolatry.’ (Luke 12:15; Colossians 3:5)

  • tor1500


    Because they lay down the bread crumbs to paradise for the friends....This makes it that you are not responsible for your own relationship with God...Whatever they say, we will do, that way they don't have to think...

    This is a religion for neat people....everything all wrapped up in a bow...Most witnesses are neat freaks....so this is a good religion for folks who are like that and have germ problems...

    Most are afraid of not belonging or fitting into someplace where as odd as they are...they are excepted...They don't care about the doctrine flip flop, or that they know something is wrong, but yet they obey....because...as I have said on this site millions of times and no one ever addresses it because I think I'm stepping on toes or peeping many peoples cards....most folks are in this org. because it's supposedly God's org. that's all that keeps them there...they are married to God, because they carry his name...kind of reminds me of a person married to a person that doesn't treat them right but because they are married, they don't care because they have someone and you don't....

    The Big question to ask the average JW.....if this was not God's org....or the anointed said, new light...now we have tried to follow the bible as closely as possible but with much thought, we are not God's org....how many would stay and how many would go...Most religious people have an elitetist gene anyway....so those who are attracted to this religion, that fits them just fine....


  • anointed1

    When all my family members joined JWs one by one, I had problems such as these (which prevented me from going along with them):

    1) How can murder of an innocent person by the sinners atone the sins of the sinners (which argues against the very inspiration of scriptures)

    2) When we are told to do this and that because God wants, should we not reason: To claim that an omnipotent God “wants” something is not only illogical, it’s extremely insulting to such a God: it’s tantamount to saying that the god isn’t omnipotent!

    3) When we are urged to pray to an all-knowing (omniscient) God, should we not ask: Why should we pray to an omniscient being who would already know of it?

  • ttdtt

    Because you get KICKED out if you dont Hiel them.

    That's the BIG question that faders will get if not careful - "do you believe the GB are the FS"

  • Vidiot
    anointed1 - "Why is this blind allegiance to the anointed ones?"

    It isn't.

    It's allegiance to the GB.

  • scratchme1010

    Even when they know that certain things are not right with the organization the flocks are blindly following their leaders viewing them as the future “kings and priests” (originally a Sumerian concept).

    Again, people keep looking at the face value of what the JWs say. For some bizarre reason, people still fail (refuse?) to address what their allegiance is about, which is nothing related to any of the crap that the WT teaches, but about what it gives them, what makes them feel, what's in it for them.

    It's not allegiance to anyone, not even the GB; it's allegiance to what they get from being a JW. Those things typically are:

    • Sense of certainty about the future
    • Answers to questions
    • A sense of community/belonging
    • A place where they can make healthy life decisions
    • Structure for them and their families
    • An explanation for everything

    That's what they are loyal too. The GB can tell them that Jesus reincarnated in a two-headed cow in Arkansas and they will believe it for as long as it keeps giving them what they feel fulfills them.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, anointed1:

    Apart from these well-presented facts (that appeal to the mind), my early years in the faith saw me emotionally involved with many of the so-called anointed remnant. My initial study of the Scriptures and consequent association with the "elect" convinced me that, truly, I was privileged to work in company with Christ's brothers.

    Those humble individuals whom I knew were not unbalanced, not crazed. They took a sincere and loving interest in me, both with regard to material and spiritual needs. As they died off, one by one, attaining their reward (as I believed), I felt it my responsibility to carry on their work and tell new JWs about the anointed. I believed in the classes -- Naomi and Ruth, etc. -- and all the OT allusions to the anointed, as once taught by the Society.

    While I still maintain fond sentiments towards my departed older friends, I have been disabused of whatever special standing they might have had in God's arrangement. If they truly are in heaven, well, that's wonderful . . .

    But as one-time Jehovah's Witnesses and part of the 144,000?

  • tepidpoultry


    I realized after reading you OP

    that your beef is not with "the Anointed"

    but with "The Governing Body"

    7 men in upstate New York who run the show,



  • anointed1

    Yes, scratchme1010 you got it--it is basically allegiance to themselves, love of themselves.

  • Spoletta

    The idea that Anthony Morris, let alone the other 6 Governing Body members, would be appointed to lead in the New World makes it clear that the whole concept is fatally flawed. Not to mention having to deal with Russell, Rutherford, and the other chosen ones. Can you imagine the fighting over doctrine? I'm sure Russell would have a few things say to Rutherford!

    I have no faith in a self appointed group that "just knows" they are chosen. I'm sure that Jehovah has a much better way to select his future Kings and Princes.

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