Observation on the external appearance of Kingdom Halls (or are they JW.ORG facilities?)

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  • sd-7

    I happened to be picking up the family from the Kingdom Hall today, and it struck me how the outside appearance has changed a little. I know it's not new, but perhaps being away from it all for so long made a difference.

    Of course I noticed the blue JW.ORG box on the side labeled "Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses", but it was two things that stood out to me. The first thing was the meeting times. The second thing was the complete lack of any mention of Jesus Christ anywhere on the outside of the building.

    The meeting times: Instead of "Theocratic Ministry School" or "Watchtower Study", now it's "Midweek Meeting" and "Weekend Meeting". That's a really vague description. Seems to fit into the "inside information vs. outside information" category. Not harmful in itself, but why be so cryptic with the names?

    Jesus: Well, we know the deal here. But, and I say this without holding onto a bunch of anger about it, how is it that a WEBSITE gets more mention outside your building than JESUS CHRIST? This is supposed to be the one true Christian religion, yet a visitor would be unable to identify you as a Christian meeting facility. Strictly speaking, "Jehovah's Witnesses" could easily be applied to a Jewish synagogue, given the Old Testament origin of that phrase. It was addressed to the Jews, after all. It simply underscores the feeling I've had since waking up, that the organization is an idol, it gives itself more attention than Jesus Christ. Or worse, lumps him in as another part of the organization, rather than truly being the Head of every man, as it were.

    I could be wrong, and I've got other problems to attend to. Just wanted to share those thoughts. I know this is an old topic, but thought it was worth mentioning. As opposed to other things I could talk about (Borg cubes are inbound again, but they're probably not coming for me, this time). Until later, you lying, treacherous, ravenous wolves.


  • Finkelstein

    That's because JWS are made to make a solemn vow of loyalty to the GB members and the organization , Jesus takes a second after that.

    That's probably why the WTS is dismissive or places little adherence to Jesus's own instructions for preaching "His" Gospel, if they did the WTS would probably never exist.

  • Finkelstein

    In today's Jehovah's Witnesses, JWorg is just the JWS marketing done cheap, no paper publications, no one coming to your own home to discuss doctrines.

    The urgent message of the past is now , ahh let the inter-net do it

  • stillin

    When JW's say that they are Christians, they are being condescending.

  • Finkelstein

    Kingdom Halls were very much training centers for the WTS's public sales (JWS) .

    The doctrines that the organization's top editorial writers created were designed to lure people to the literature the WTS published, not necessarily honestly adherent to an accurate interpretation of the bible mind you.

  • Phizzy

    I think your observations are spot on SD-7. The re-branding they did a few years ago gave them a Corporate image to present to the public, of course, they have never been hot on Jesus, he is a bit of an embarrassment in their " Theology", they cannot really explain his role, without a great deal of explaining that the Bible doesn't actually mean what it plainly says, and rarely refer to him.

    The other thing the re-branding has done is also bury from Public Gaze the name Jehovah, which probably has become more of a burden than a selling point these days. Back in Russell's and Rutherford's day it did not sound so strange on the ear, but now, rarely heard, they want it kept quiet until people are entrapped in the Cult.

    Rutherford stated in a 1917 Watchtower that the Society was not one for worship, like a Church, but was a business, " not for profit". They now are much more blatant about that than when we were in !

  • smiddy3

    This is an interesting post sd-7 ,in how Jehovah`s Witness put jesus Christ on the back burner as if he was of little significance.

    All contrary to what the Christian Greek Scriptures teach . New Testament.Which does nothing but highlights Jesus name ,as the name that is above every other name ,and that all ,in heaven on earth and under the earth should bend the knee to. phil.2: 9-11

    Not one scripture in the New Testament of the NWT of the Bible printed by the WTB&TS are followers of Jesus to be witnesses of Jehovah not one..... K.I. translation /WTB&TS

    Yet there are something like twenty scriptures that explicitly state that followers of Jesus Christ are to be witnesses of Jesus.

    Jehovah`s Witnesses want to cut Jesus out of the equation that Jehovah put in place and deal with their Governing Body in place of Jesus to have a relationship with Jehovah .

    Something that is totally unscriptuall .

  • careful

    Why "Midweek Meeting" and "Weekend Meeting"? This way they can change the meeting names, like they did from TMS and SM to CLAM and so on with some regularity and they won't have to change the sign outside.

    Changing meeting names can be a big deal in Witnessland. It makes the R&F feel like they're aboard Jah's chariot, that "new light" is beaming down, etc. So a switch in meeting names is easier now with such generic titles available to passers-by, you know, the poor uninitiated.

  • Vidiot

    They bOrg has clearly anticipated their short-term resale value as local cannabis dispensaries. :smirk:

  • slimboyfat

    The generic term “midweek meeting” wasn’t possible until they dumped the book study (in 2008?) because you would need to specify which midweek meeting.

    I know Unitarians discussed using the term “midweek meeting” but rejected it on the grounds that it apparently sounds evangelical.

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