Did Crisis of Conscience find a market or did it lumber along until the copies ran out?

by TerryWalstrom 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    Nathan Natas,

    For paperbacks, the royalties vary by country, but in the U.S. it's a little over $3. For Kindle, it's about $3.50.

    And by the way, the numbers I gave you earlier are for both books together, not just one.

    I use the Amazon tool that estimates what price is best for selling a book. Pricing is an interesting thing: if you are too low or too high, your sales are affected. Too high and of course you discourage people, but too low and the perception can be it has little value and thus ignored. For Kindle unlimited, since people can read unlimited books for one price, they often skip cheap or free books because they want to get a "value" for their monthly subscription. So, you have to find the right prices for both printed and digital book formats in order to get the most sales.

    For me, sales means eyes, ears and ultimately, hearts.

  • bohm

    It is very sad that CoC has been out of print so long and now seems to undergo the slowest editing process any book has ever undergone. It is difficult to imagine a bit of crowd-sourcing couldn't have gotten it to print much, much earlier.

  • blondie

    If any of you have practical ideas, you can post them on www.commentarypress.com and the copyright holder can see what fits in with their process.

  • jws

    JRK wrote:

    Maybe you can write the overly verbose sequel?

    Sorry, but Franz himself already wrote the sequel. "In Search of Christian Freedom". A HUGE book that seemed to be portraying his ideas on what Christianity should be. I lost interest a chapter or two in.

    I would think other people who study this stuff were also interested. This was not some disgruntled follower. This was top management. It wasn't just what life was like for a JW. It was the inner workings. That had to have a broader appeal. I'm somewhat interested in the tales of top Mormons who defected too.

    And I have seen it online too. Why buy a physical copy that's easier to find when you can buy a PDF and hide it on your computer and read it there? I know that can be found too, but you don't just walk past it and see it.

    If this is the grand-daddy, then "30 years a Watchtower Slave" must have been it's father. I remember that causing a stir and the pious pioneer sister we used to give a ride to the hall being outraged.

  • TerryWalstrom

    I found In Search of Christian Freedom to be the better of the two books. Why? The core of Franz was exposed. The man himself--what is he--how does he think and feel? That interests me most.
    We all commence a journey after we leave the Organization.
    Where it takes us depends on what humanity remains.
    How we get from Alpha to Zed is fascinating if a real person exists any longer.

    Franz scrapes the dog shit off his shoe for us.
    What falls away and what remains is the soul of the man.

  • Londo111

    I think what made Crisis of Conscience so effective (as well as the followup book which is an extension of the first) is that it was not an “angry bitter” expose, “sour grapes” woe is me, nor was it a scandalous tell all. It was not anything like I was expecting. It was kind and reasonable in tone and very fair, while giving us a frank view of the inner workings of the Watchtower organization from a viewpoint few former JWs ever had.

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