Which Kingdom Hall Should They Sell? How Does The Governing Body Decide?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Well what rule of thumb do you think these financial dim-wits dream up? I think those not sending in their money to the org are some of the first properties to unload while you spare the higher payers for last.

    You don't want to piss off the loyal contributers by making them miss meetings,, that's a no win situation so dump the free loaders as a negative asset and keep the more profitable ones.

    And those who's loans the WT forgave, watch what happens if you're not send in those regular payments like before, and slack off by a significant amount. You're next baby. They want their money back and don't try to stop them and elder that hinders the sale will be brought up on charges and promptly disfellowshipped.

    Profitable pedofile infested congregations who cost the WT money in the court will be in a toss up between future recouping ability and how much dirty laundry they got to worry about.

  • freddo

    In descending order -

    1. Which hall will make the most £/$ on the sale.

    2. Which hall is a "money pit" as in falling apart.

    3. Which Cong(s) have too much in their bank accounts which we can raid.

    4. Which Cong(s) donate very little.

    5. Which Cong(s) are struggling. (low elders, troublemakers, low numbers, older aging members)

    6. Fairly easy for remaining dubs to go to a "nearby" hall

  • Chook

    Amen to freddo

  • JeffT

    I used to do this all the time as an investment real estate accountant.

    It's called a hurdle number, and it's easy to calculate. You have some number in mind that you think you should be able to make on an investment. Right now, most smart finance people are assuming around 4% a year. So you have a Kingdom Hall that should sell for say, $200,000. If you sell it and invest the cash you would expect to make $8000 a year. Do the congregations occupying that hall send you more or less than $8000 a year? If less, you sell and invest the money. If more, you keep it.

    I bet somebody, somewhere as performed that calculation for every piece of property they have. The only remaining question is how quickly they'll dump the losers.

  • Vidiot

    Sell 'em all, I say.

    Makes it all that much easier for the faders, fakers, and fence-sitters to finally be free.

  • freddo

    @Jeff T

    Then add the impetus of when an organisation needs cashflow urgently ...

    And if at least half of those that are moved to another hall continue some contribution to the new hall then the financial projection being better if you sell the hall is a no brainer.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I know for a fact that at least one local KH had the same cost/benefit analysis done. It was a building that needed a bunch of cash to get up to snuff but was in a good location. The congregation had about 40-50 publishers and none of the elders were all that connected. They were given the option of moving to another KH in a nearby town and staying together or disbanding and dispersing. They chose to stay together, likely because these elders wanted to keep control as opposed to being a new boy on another body.


    Which Kingdom Hall Should They Sell? How Does The Governing Body Decide?

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  • FedUpJW

    Well what rule of thumb do you think these financial dim-wits dream up?

    KH A gives $$$$$$$$$$. KH B gives $$. KH B will without a doubt be the one to get sold.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    these financial dim-wits dream up

    cant agree with that statement, --i think its all clever financial shafting.

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