God will not let you suffer more than you can bare.

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  • sparrowdown

    They're convincing themselves more than anyone else. If they followed this argument through to it's logical conclusion they would have to see that Jehovah acts in ways that are both arbitrary and capricious and make no sense. Their house of cards would begin to fall.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The earth is just a little speck of dust in the universe and we are thus even smaller. God would need an electron microscope to even find us. For people to think that God is the master puppet and he directs a witness to give a pioneer $40 so they can put money in their car to drive to the assembly and then decides when a bus with Witnesses that is heading for a crash to let it happen are just morons.

    God has bigger fish to fry.

  • Finkelstein

    They're convincing themselves more than anyone else

    True Sparrow they've also convinced themselves they wont be killed at the soon to come Armageddon.

    Its part of the Jah has us protected because were so righteously loyal to him.

    The WTS creates conscious delusions to lure and hold its followers.

    The implication of fear is first implied then they follow through with we will save you indoctrinates the JWS followers.

  • punkofnice
    As some chap called Al Smith said - No matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloney.
  • purrpurr

    The "not tempted beyond what you can bare" thing is a lie. I realised this year's ago when on the brink of suicide. Instead I suddenly realised I was praying to little more than an imagery friend.

    That was the day I mentally stopped being a jw

  • zeb

    This is another way the wt and its 'branch office' are able to distance themselves indeed have a policy of not providing useful practical material assistance that would solve many situations.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Although I don't remember all the details, there was a true story of a young married sister who was either selling a car or inquired about free baby clothing. Sorry I can't quite remember that point. But the woman who showed up, killed her by cutting the baby out of her and claimed it as her own.

    Her father was an elder and he and the husband before they left, had prayed "that she would be safe". So this caused the father great sorrow and turmoil. It must have affected other witnesses too. So the WT I'm guessing, pressured this elder to give them an article on how he overcame this apparent lack of care by god.

    Basically, he said he was torn over god not protecting his daughter and agonizing over his faith in him. But eventually he reasoned that god had kept his daughter spiritually safe and she would be resurrected. They did find the baby boy ok.

    The WT has no conscience, just a greedy desire for everyone to accept excuses for god.

  • justme

    Days of future passed--i remember that story in the magazine, the babies name was Oscar, i wondered about that too with the father praying for his daughter to be safe & she wasn't, that story always stuck with me, she was savagely killed as well, that was several years back, i wonder if the father & husband are still in at this point...sad story...

  • WTWizard

    And who decides how much one can bear? Joke-hova, that's who. And that thing really wants to harvest your energy to enslave the whole world--so to heaven with whether it is of benefit for you to endure something (such as helping you to find and eliminate personal weakness) or not (such as having it program your soul to always have stupid and unnecessary hardships).

    A god that wants stupid and unnecessary hardships (anyone that has been to boasting sessions or heard any of those stupid videos from the jokehovian witlesses knows about these) for its people--is that thing going to provide any relief whatsoever? It knows that, if you commit suicide, you are not going to be available to be harvested any farther--that will be all it gets from you. It also knows that, if it helps one person when their back is against the wall and showcases that, that will be enough to make others think they are safe. Then, it will have done its job--joke-hova will do nothing to help others that are suckered into doing more for that thing.

    Why not just eliminate any and all stupid hardships so people will not have to suffer at all, above and beyond learning from one's own mistakes and weaknesses? What is the benefit of serving joke-hova while you have a headache when you could have done a bit more without it? Or, what is gained from serving while you barely have enough to sustain yourself, when having an abundance would have enabled you to do more comfortably and sustainably? Nothing. Joke-hova wants people to pious-sneer, build more buildings, support the worldwide damnation work, and still do Israel missions every year--yet it doesn't want to sustain those people with abundant health and money to enable them to do it all instead of having to choose which they will do. Sounds like enslaving people and subjecting them to stupid misery to me.

  • smiddy3

    -i remember that story in the magazine, the babies name was Oscar

    Is this true ? can somebody link that article ?

    I have to see it to believe it ,sorry if I seem skeptic.I`ve been out for so long but WTF ?

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