Any JW's been “debaptised” in Belgium?

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  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    'The Belgian Church, facing rising protests after a television film on sexual abuse and cover-ups in its ranks, has appealed against a government data protection agency ruling that the Diocese of Ghent must let a person be “debaptised”.

    The Church considers baptism a permanent act that cannot be done away with, but the agency ruled in December that the plaintiff’s personal data record overrides the Church’s interest in preserving its records.

    The number of “debaptism” requests had been falling since a peak of 5,237 in 2021, when the Vatican said it could not bless same-sex unions, but they have reportedly spiked again after the television series Gotvergeten (“Forgotten by God”) last September depicted the scandals in Belgium.'


    This paragraph really sums up the whole Watchtower study.It states that once you dedicate yourself

    in baptism,the Watchtower Society owns you for the rest of your life. You cannot undo your baptism!

    'WT study articles are not just dreamed up. They are always in reaction to something.

    It is evident that the WT is getting lots of reports from COs regarding people who claim they were baptized out

    of peer pressure, or parental pressure, and never really "made a dedication", and thus argue that they should

    not be subject to the effects of being disfellowshipped.

    The WT is making it quite clear - that argument just won't fly.'

  • NotFormer

    How very interesting. Knowing the WT's love of record keeping, is it likely to comply with such government mandates?

    They already are known to show little regard for privacy legislation.

    This is a nice precedent in waiting. Belgian exJWs could ask to be "debaptised" and have their records expunged by the WT. How do you think that would work out?

  • Balaamsass2

    In the USA Religion gets a freer hand than in most other countries.

    As the congregation Secretary, WTBTS would swing back and forth on record-keeping policies.

    I believe they will continue to do that...depending on which way the wind blows from country to country.

    They would save a lot of energy, angst, and money if they simply got Elders out of the spy and cop business.

  • NotFormer

    "They would save a lot of energy, angst, and money if they simply got Elders out of the spy and cop business"

    That's pretty well where the rubber hits the road. They probably don't realise it, but they are only one P.R. disaster away from serious scrutiny and consequences. Of course, it may never happen. They have been extraordinarily lucky over the years (Jehovah's blessing, and all that 🙄). But luck has a way of running out eventually...

  • careful

    WANB, thanks for the share. Yes, NF, "This is a nice precedent in waiting". I wonder if the Catholic Church, the WTS, or any other religious group will fight this in court. Surely the org will feel threatened by this agency's decision.

    BA2, "the spy and cop business"----HA! So true, so true.

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