Pillowgate: a heterosexual male's review

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    My first impressions watching it, coming from a heterosexual male, was that it was just plain ridiculous (big surprise, I know), but I just want to share some thoughts as to why.

    Regarding the hypothetical scenario of two guys asking each other if they've ever woken up with an erection and other stuff like that: No, that would not arouse me. I'm talking with a male, which I'm not sexually attracted to, and assuming he's a friend, it's just a casual conversation that I'm mature enough to handle. The only way this is flirting (and then only maybe) is if one of us is gay. The same goes for a massage in a proper setting, as well as changing clothes, etc.

    I also couldn't imagine myself putting a pillow between my legs and trying to sleep in a stimulated way. A lot has been said about how the video for sisters isn't written from a woman's perspective, which is true, but how much is the man's really? It's as if it were written by aliens who are guessing what a man might do, because these are not things that sound practical, appealing or effective. The thing about wearing underwear that's so tight it masturbates for you was . . . Is that even scientifically possible? Seriously? Why would I even want to do that while I'm out and about, it would be messy and uncomfortable?

    But then that got me to think about when I was younger and felt the constant guilt that came from masturbation. There's a reason surveys show that virtually 100% of males masturbate, because it's natural. I spent my teenage years and young adulthood in a vicious cycle. I know that no man will ever explode from not doing it, the most you'll get is a little tender and wet dreams will take care of part of the load (not all of it) eventually, but that's not the worst part. Refraining from masturbation literally affects mental health. The mental tension was so great that I couldn't concentrate, I wasn't productive and overly restless and stressed. Then as always after an extended period I would masturbate and IMMEDIATLY feel not just relief, but I felt like myself again. That little detail was out of the way, and I was again interested in art, creativity, humor and other enjoyable things in life. It was like a necessary mental reset, but it was always clouded by the guilt. And as the years dragged on the more I knew I was going to be killed at Armageddon.

    So ironically, my mind was ruled by sex AS A DIRECT RESULT of forcing myself not to masturbate, and that's exactly the kind of failure that these Bethelites are being set up for. When I heard the scenario of a sister 'adopted' by an older couple and getting to chummy with he husband, I immediately thought of Rose Ball and Chuck Russell, and I was glad to hear that Cedars review made the same correlation. Ralph Walls delivers his lines with confidence, piercing eyes and a good poker face. Gary Breaux on the other hand is comedy gold. He is so obviously embarrassed and he even winces from time to time and overcompensates when reading the most sordid lines in the script.

    One final thought: There's no question these videos are almost 1 hour of weird, but maybe they're not as weird as they seem. Let me explain. I've read from multiple sources that Nathan Knorr would give a talk to all new Bethelites about masturbation and homosexuality, so that makes me wonder: Has this been done at Bethel VERBALLY ever since the 1950's? Maybe this is just the first time it's been documented on video, but perhaps the general content was always on the informal 'curriculum' of Bethel Entrant's School? Are there any former Bethelites here who could shed light on that?

  • ttdtt

    You are so right!

    Can you imagine being a sister and having to sit through that shit?

  • stuckinarut2

    Great comments NBD!

    Yes, I agree with all you wrote.

    Also, as an ex-bethelite (5 years), I can attests to the fact that during the bethel entrants school, sexual topics were covered, including a focus on pornography, and masturbation.

    But I don't remember it being so painfully and specifically spelled out with such scenarios. These new videos take it to a whole new level of oddness!

  • redvip2000

    Yeah, isn't it funny how they always present the most innocent scenario possible? They are even uptight when they are describing sin.

    Like......" imagine you are on a social media page, and there are some suggestive images on the screen. They are not naked!!!, just suggestive. And you only look at thumbnails, you don't open the actual images, but you start thinking about them."....

    Does it every go like this? come on...

    Pretty sure that what goes on is that bethelites deliberately go to hardcore porn sites, open all videos and images possible on purpose, and immediately skip the thinking and go in to action mode.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    how does one pronounce his name---Gary Breaux ?

    is he Bro BRO ?

  • sir82

    Another question I would have -

    Are these videos intended to be watched alone? Or is it in a group setting?

    Imagine having to watch this stuff with 10 or 20 or 100 others. Not sure if I would burst out laughing, or try to crawl under the rug.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    A viewing group of at least three is required, lest the video stimulate them to masturbate (if alone) or pornea (if only two) 😜
  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog


    Yes, the whole video is inappropriate, but IF you're going to do it do it right. I think it's Highly inappropriate that the video for women is given by a man, how demeaning. Even going by the scripture 'the older women should recall the younger women to their senses', it should have at least been given by an older woman. Maybe then it might even have a tad more accuracy.

  • sparrowdown

    Whatever happened to the "not even be mentioned among you" principle.

    It ran like a suggestions list for getting off with that extensive run down of complicate scenarios carefully described blow by blow (pun intended). See my latest comments on the pillowgate thread.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    The Pornea Game reminded me of the Pharisees saying that it was hunting to kill a flea, harvesting to grab a handful of grain, and "work" to swish liquid between the teeth.

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