If the shoe fits......

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  • stuckinarut2

    Have we noticed how witnesses just love to joke about other faiths and their strange teachings?

    Eg, faiths such as Mormons, and others that have odd beliefs ...

    But, witnesses don't seem to be able to apply the same analytical or critical thinking to their own wacky beliefs!

    "haha...Mormons believe Joseph smith got gold tablets from the angel Moroni haha"

    oh but what about CT Russels belief in pyramidology? Or Rutherford's belief that all the "ancient worthies" would come back to live in a big house in the 1920's in America to rule the new world order?

  • stillin

    I told a witness friend once about some contractors who would not work on a children's day care center because they believed that a woman should be a "worker at home." He scoffed at how stupid that is and I said that I respected the fact that their belief took real form in their everyday lives, just like the Witnesses.

    that shut him up.

  • Divergent

    This comic sums it up nicely...

  • freemindfade
    I nearly had to walk out of an awful public talk where the idiot on stage was going on and on about other religions and how they don't want their members to think critically of them and try to prevent them from leaving. It was a lot of hypocritical bs to listen to. He made tons of points they could very easily be applied to the watchtard corporation but they ate fully exempt from the same free thought. I would almost swear he was awake and making satire it was so blatant

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