Mexico ends use of House-to-House Record & Please Follow Up

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  • wifibandit
    In a letter to all congregations dated April 27, 2016 the Central American Branch (Mexico) has ended the use of S-8-S and S-43-S.
  • Magnum
    Does anybody know why? Is there some kind of new form to replace them?
  • ttdtt


    Bad translation but you get the idea:

    We inform you that we are discontinuing in the territory of the branch using the Registration forms from house to house (S-8) and person who showed interest (S-43), in order to avoid giving the erroneous impression that the branch or congregation are collecting personal information to make preaching, without the knowledge or consent of the people.

    Some publishers have decided to make personal notes, perhaps taking advantage of a notebook, notepad or device Personal mail, when they are unable to contact people (not at home) or talk with someone who shows interest in the Bible (od p. 91 para. 33). If someone finds a publisher who speaks another language, you can take the initiative to locate another publisher to serve a congregation or group of foreign-language and is trained to give assistance; or he can encourage the person to write down their contact details on, if you want the visit (od pp. 93-94 paras. 38-40). So without these forms will have no negative effect on make return visits and conduct Bible classes if every publisher conducts its records using discretion and good Judgement.

    THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! Not like for 100 years we have been taking detailed notes of every call and not at homes:)

  • StarTrekAngel

    No. Based on the letter, they are asking them to stop "in an effort to not give the impression we are collecting personal data". They are encouraging publishers to take their own unofficial notes, using a regular booklet or something like that. They are also asking CO and elders to discourage people from printing any kind of formatted paper for that purpose. Basically, it needs to look personal and unofficial. IF you happen to think "hmm.. may be I'll make a spreadsheet of my own and print it" NOOO.

    Those forms are not coming back in their case.

  • Magnum
    Thanks, everybody.
  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Unstated is what is probably the real reason. "we don't have the money to print them anymore"
  • cofty
    I think this also happened in the UK back in the '80s in order to comply with Data Protection law.
  • wifibandit
  • Dreamerdude
    Better yet, they could tell the R&F to just stop pestering the good people of Mexico, the UK, Australia and the rest of the world with this nonsense.
  • JWdaughter
    So, are they still counting their TIME?

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