This Cult sucks, I loath it. I don't understand Why my wife will not leave

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  • goingthruthemotions

    I loath this cult!!!!!!!!!!

    Why won't she leave?

    She knows about the Australian royal commision, The united nations, Failed prediction dates etc...., I have Crisis of Consciene and she know, it is visiable that she could see the book everyday. She knows that me and our sons think it's a cult and hate the cult of a religion.

    And yet she stays in. WTF?

    Whats wrong with her brain?

  • wannabefree

    I made the error of letting my wife know when I was awakening, I tried to share information with her, I tried to be a better husband to counter the negative she would think about me in my loss of faith in the organization. She's a born in, I'm not. It drove her deeper in. 10 years later ... It never got better, COVID meeting arrangements have driven her even deeper.

    The cult sucks!

  • goingthruthemotions

    I just sent you message wannabefree

  • wannabefree

    Meetings called off waking people up? I suppose it might for some, I hope so. Not in my wife's case.

    She now makes all meetings through zoom. In the past, she might miss if she wasn't feeling well.

    She attends service meetings through zoom.

    She gets DAILY emails from an elder plus the responses they all share in the group email.

    They communicate and associate more now than they did before.

    My wife just ordered herself $250 worth of "go bags" at the encouragement/scare tactic provided in one of these daily emails.

    The cult sucks!

  • LV101

    GTTM - They can't leave their delusions/FANTASIES! It's true - trust me - I know more than a couple JWs who hang onto the HOPE they reference the bible having. I use to deliver the 'journals' - Awake, 'When Loved One Dies' to my fave sales clerks, etc., going through issues and they clung to them - can you imagine! I stopped and they hunted down other JWs to get them from - I couldn't believe.

    You know the law - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction especially with cult members. Might not help you but this is what worked for me - 'let people be who they are' - who the hell they are! Just lay down your weapons (calm your mind) and you'll be healthier. Sure made my life easier. I look for the good re/the cult and not sure that helps but if it makes them happier it makes me happy. It's considering their needs ahead of my own kind of thing.

  • dubstepped

    Because she's in it for emotional reasons, not intellectual ones. Often fear is what keeps people stuck. It's not like your wife is some unique case. It happens all the time. People lived through 1975 and stayed.

    I know it sucks but you have to love her where she is for your own sake. You can't control other people and you'll lose your sanity trying to. Sorry man.

  • Vidiot

    It's called "institutionalization".

    Re-watch The Shawshank Redemption.

  • LV101

    GTTM - I abhor the cult - it's so horrific.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    It's their lucky rabbit paw. They are superstitious not rational. They don't read the Bible so as to get the sense of it. Therefore, only when something affects them personally is there any hope of them leaving.

    I have know at least 2 elders get jumped on by the other elders for blowing the whistle on child abuse. One of them died with his boots on, the other is being gently encouraged to walk away from the cult. Will he? Wont he? Place your bets.

    I know one who, as a youth was taken through their baptism questions by at least two paedophiles. Rest assured the whole family remains in.

    The likes of me get thrown out because I know the organsation is blaspheming and that is matter of serious concern to me. But not to them. They consider Jehovah to be a liar but let Lett be true. Of course they never say it like that and if you said it to them they'd say, "how long have you felt like this? May I encourage you to speak to the elders about this."

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    "Lett be true" Good twist of the quote Anna Marina!

    @goingthruthemotions, among JWs the greatest thing in life they possess is the prospect of everlasting life in paradise. This hope, courtesy of the WT org, has cancelled common sense and clear thinking.

    The JW hope is false, no religion can offer everlasting life, there is no sound basis for it. One hundred and forty one years on, and still no one has benefitted from the showman's spiele "roll up roll up, live forever in paradise with the Watchtower organisation". But people want to believe, people above all things want hope so millions of them have fallen into the WT hope trap, millions are prepared to shut down their reasoning faculty and simply "believe''. We did once before we woke up -- or did we grow up?

    So we are are not able to reason with our family members on the matter of belief, facts don't cut the mustard with believers, with them it is a matter of heart not mind, emotion not brain.

    I lost my attractive intelligent wife to the cult, it was a great loss, perhaps foolishly I left her with the the children (it was a terrible experience) she would have crumpled without them but even so I could not live on JW terms and I would say my life has gone well since having cast off the religion and unfortunately wifey too.

    I hope in your situation you can work something out. For her to leave, it will take a lot more patience and eventually an understanding from her that what she wants is actually not available -- everlasting life in paradise is something no one has enjoyed or will ever have, it is simply too good to be true, it is a dream.

    Yet to tell a believer this, is to attack them, to dig right into their heart -- and the response of the believer is to repel the idea, attack the speaker and deny any possibility of being mistaken.

    What is at stake for your wife is her attachment to the illusory rock on which she is emotionally anchored. For her to let go will take enormous courage, the new and realistic vision of life needs a helping hand and a constant companion to reassure her during the the waking process, I do hope that you are the one to help her through it.

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