Canadian JW's exerting themselves vigorously. Really?

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  • clarity

    There were at least four jw's to one lone man on the street. They look to be mostly elders. If they are ... is this the example they really want to set.

    Cowards! They ran ...clinging to each other for security!

    I wonder if they left out that scripture from their new silver bible, Exert yourselves get through the narrow door.


  • steve2
    I will check this out when I am at home. Just posting so I can retrieve it later
  • Zoos

    I find this sort of tactic repulsive.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    No, no, no, you're being too harsh - even elders have to go and check on JW broadcasting to see what the latest "understanding" is, before they give a reply to someone.

    You wouldn't want them to give a person information which was "old light", would you?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    yes, they do exert themselves. That pioneer walk is ever so fast.
  • Finkelstein

    Your approach was too intimidating, I think most people be it Mormons, Scientologists or whatever would find a stranger approach with a video camera on them would respond in likewise similar fashion.

    If you were a JWS at one time then your pretty much aware of what their responses will be to posed questions.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    I don't find this repulsive at all. Why was it okay for one of us to wake folks up at their own homes on a weekend morning but it's anyways wrong to ask a JW standing on a street corner in broad daylight to answer basic questions about what they're teaching? And the suggestion that 'We'll talk off-camera' is pathetically lame. Aren't these JWs taught to shout their message from the hill tops? Why hide the message under a basket?
  • Finkelstein

    I also think your approached Clarity was preconceived by yourself onto how they would most likely respond.

    Not trying to defend the JWS but what were you trying to achieve in this somewhat aggressive manner approaching JWdubers ?

  • Magnum

    That guy is obnoxious. He can't even get the name of the religion right. He said "Jehovah Witnesses". Those JWs are goobers, but the opposer was beyond undignified; he was a jerk.

    Marvin, I get your point, but the difference is that when we woke people up on weekends, we were sincerely trying to help and not trying to be confrontational.

    I think the guy has a right to approach them and ask questions, but it should be done in a dignified, mature manner. His goal should be to expose wrong and help the entrapped.

  • goingthruthemotions

    Cowards....can't even answer a simple question like this " who was Jesus".

    this is the same thing my wife does...she doesn't know what she believes.

    next time ask these brain washed zombies, if Jesus is there savior or is the GB. because according to there

    teachings. if your not anoited, your not save through Jesus. but, your save through the anointed.

    bunch of horse shite.

    i hate this Damn cult

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