Has God preserved His word today?

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  • Ireneus

    God finds no necessity to provide guidance to mankind through written books as the following examples show:

    1) When Christians tried preaching in India, they were surprised to see Mr. M. K. Gandhi, leader of the freedom struggle, already practicing the very essence of Bible.

    2) Swami Vivekananda (the Star Campaigner of Hinduism) got a shock of his life when he met a Christian boy already practicing the very essence of Hinduism when he was on a foreign tour. Vivekananda purchased one kilogram of apple from a shop and started walking with it. A boy who was following him stopped him and wanted to repurchase the apple, offering the double amount. When asked why, boy replied: “I saw the shopkeeper mixing spoiled apples also when you were busy talking to other customers. When you return to your country, I don’t want you to speak ill of our country.” Vivekananda promised he would not speak ill of his country because of the loft attitude the boy manifested. But he understood even little ones are endowed with moral sense which means preaching is not needed.

    People are able to do what is right if they want to; hence written books are not necessary.

  • EverApostate

    The Bible was compiled by Roman Politicians, centuries after the supposed death of Jesus Christ. Many supposed holy Books were excluded in that compile.

    The Bible was circulated through handwritten copies until men invented the printing press. Not a very efficient way to spread god’s word

    Almighty God’s holy name was taken out of his Holy book and he didn’t do anything about it for 1875 years until the JW religion was established.

    Translation of a book into any other language would twist the original meaning, culturally and grammatically. This is what linguists say.

    Still the Bible is undergoing revisions, as many verses are deleted from it, from various Christian denominations.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    So did an ox headed idol called Yahweh in the Phoenician pantheon create the world and all that was in it? Did this idol from the days of polytheism ever speak or write? Then did he inspire imperial Rome to assemble borrowed and selectively altered texts drawn from pagan and exotic sources to represent his thoughts? And then demand its subjects to regard these writing as the unassailable and sacred word of God and by the fifth century punish you by death if you didn't believe? Are Gods a projection of the concept of fatherhood invested with power by common acceptance as a last ditch safety net to ward off existential anxiety?

    You have to sort out these incongruities before being able to ask whether an unprovable, unknowable, untestable, uncommunicative invisible spirits even exist let alone being capable of creating things or writing books.

  • steve2

    Does JW Answers usually post and run (not comment again?) It seems so naïve to attract posters with a question in the title when the OP is not at all interested in posters' answers because it has already decided on the answer (a little bit like JW Organization's titles).

    Also in the blurb for JW Answers, it reads "JW Answers are an online ministry which help...etc" when it should read, "JW Answers is an online ministry that helps...."

    As far as content goes, we get simplistic regurgitation that ignores evidence and research - very much like JW organization's "defenses" of the Bible.

    JW Answers is predictably not off to a very confidence-building start, I'm afraid.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Has God preserved his word today?

    What an interesting question.

    Isn't 'Gods Word' a combination of books cobbled together by 'apostate Catholics' in the 4th century AD, based on myths and prophesies fulfilled in reverse?

    I guess none of that matters though...what matters is that God's true name has been preserved accurately by another Catholic medieval monk, oh wait....no, that's not right either.

    And this is me trying really hard NOT to be a dick.

  • smiddy3

    Well at least he has a beard

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