Should a person die for their religious BELIEFS?

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  • Fisherman

    In ancient Israel many of the prophets were killed as a result of their religious assignments —from God. Even soldiers were sent out to fight against idolatrous “uncircumcised” and logically some died for example Jonathan, the son of king Saul. These soldiers were said to be fighting the wars of Jehovah and there was no miraculous salvation for everybody all of the time.

    Jesus also died as a result of his mission and his ministry and so did the Apostles. They could have avoided their lives being cut short. And later on Christian converts were persecuted and put to death. In fact Jesus warned that Christians should expect persecution. So, we have all these Bible examples of religious people that died for their religious beliefs. Should these religious people have chosen to die for their religious beliefs?

    There is a distinction, however, between: A clear command from God or from his proxy JC ( and delegates:)“We must obey God as ruler rather than men.” “Fear not those that kill the body but cannot destroy the soul.” and an interpretation, belief or view of what a scripture means or how it applies —subject to error.

    So when a person reads the Bible today, how would he know for sure what a Bible verse means or applies that GOD requires him to die for a religious belief ?

    We need to distinguish though a religious belief that is a command from God that must be obeyed even when threatened with death ( given that such commands exist) and the right to practice and identify with a religion whatever your beliefs are for example in Russia the government comes along and goes after the JW for their religious practices and JW as a people are not going to stop practicing their religion or identifying as JW. And this is different because an individual would not want renounce his religious belief and practices and identity and they look to God for their existence and they are going to do what they feel is right whether or not they are being forced to stop,

  • smiddy3

    NO, a futile, terrible, needless , waste of life.

  • BluesBrother

    In a decent world they should never have to chose between faith or life .

  • cofty

    The bible is a collection of Bronze Age and Iron Age myths that promotes some of the most repulsive morality.

    Why on earth would anybody pay respect to it let alone die for it?

  • TonusOH

    If I am not mistaken, the Christian belief is that death in service/devotion to god would be rewarded with eternal life in heaven. In that case, it makes perfect sense to remain loyal to god, even if you are facing death.

    If you are wrong, then death in such a case would be unnecessary. So it really comes down to how certain you are that you picked the right god, or the right version of god.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot
    TonusOHan hour ago

    If I am not mistaken, the Christian belief is that death in service/devotion to god would be rewarded with eternal life in heaven. In that case, it makes perfect sense to remain loyal to god, even if you are facing death.

    The Islamic version of this is the ultimate obscenity.


  • Vidiot
  • Fisherman

    Hi vid,

    “I might be wrong.”

    That was my point. In the Bible examples, they knew (given their historicity.)


    Bronze Age and Iron Age myths.

    The only king of Israel that there is archeological evidence about is king Jehu. The British Museum has an ancient stone table about him with the king of Assyria at the time. So, that is not a myth, for example. Given the authenticity of the Bible, those historical figures were required to die in their service to God: “He who loves his soul, loses it.” Abraham and Issac’s obedience, their belief, was based on empirical evidence from God.They knew for a fact God existed. They knew for a fact that their obedience till death was commanded to them by God. They knew that it was required by God but as it turned out nobody died. But how would a person know today when God requires them to die? They would have to know God exists and they would have to know that the perilous conduct is a command from God in order to be able to chose to “obey God as ruler”.

  • cofty

    Fleshmarket Close in Edinburgh actually exists. That doesn't mean Rebus is a real Scottish policeman.

    Same goes for Baker Street and Sherlock Holmes, or Sherwood Forrest and Robin Hood. The fact that Jehu may have really ruled Judah doesn't say anything about the veracity of Yahweh.

  • Fisherman

    veracity of Yahweh.

    Not Yahweh but Yehova —See commentaries by the scholar, Nehemiah Gordon.

    Jesus used poetic language (Paratherisis) to describe the obvious striking proof that people rejected because they didn’t like it. Legally speaking, such rejection did not invalidate the evidence and what God modestly required people to conclude from the evidence.

    real Scottish policeman.

    The Museum tablet has a drawing of king Jehu with the king of Assyria along with other historical people of the time.

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