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  • asp59

    How big you think the percentage of reaching out for appointments in organization is base on:

    A brother wanted receive praise from other's
    B wanted to marry thought having appointment would make that possible
    C wife push him if he was married
    D pressure from other's
    E a career path
    F possibility to dominate/control others
    G he wanted to have appointment cause of love and wanted to help others.

  • Simon

    A + C + F seems pretty common in my experience.

    Too few G's because once the others get into positions of authority in any organization, they don't want "do-gooders" coming in an upsetting the apple-cart by insisting that things are done right. At that point an organization morphs to serve those appointed to positions of authority within in rather than whatever the original purpose.

    You see it in religions, politics, educational institutions, government agencies and charities.

    Edit to add: as others have pointed out, those G's that do get appointed often wake up and leave because they see it for what it is.


    For me it was mostly C + G, with G being the most influential factor.

    It was the desire to help that caused me to become a “do-gooder” and wake up to corruption. I quickly learned two things:

    1) The WTBTS had no place for me and the GB have absolutely no desire for persons like me in the ORG.

    2) I could not operate within the parameters of their system.


  • pale.emperor

    I never wanted to be a MS or Elder. But i did get a lot of "positive peer pressure" from my elder father in law.

    I saw F happen a lot though. The G's tended to stay MS's indefinitely i noticed.

  • punkofnice

    I wanted to be an elder because of G.

    When I became an elder I saw how hateful, corporate and unloving the organisation actually is.

    It was a real reality check.

    I saw how other elders and CO's were totally ego driven and self aggrandising.

    May all the dead scrotal crabs in the universe bite the Governing body on their nuts forever.

  • stillin

    There was probably some "A" in my make-up. Other than that I think that I just thought that I was just supposed to reach out, like, there's something wrong with you if you aren't. My wife's dad was an elder and she wasn't impressed by titles or men in general.

  • stillMS

    From my experience, there are 'brothers' who are really sincere in trying to help others, but can't tell they are the majority among MS or elders. For them, like pale.emperor mentioned it takes way longer to transfer to the 'next level' - becoming an elder, but it happens nevertheless.

    Other reasons seems to be quite popular, as well. But the most important is the jw land system encouraging that. I'd name it under D) peer pressure

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    For born-in males, D (peer pressure) starts at a very early age. Honestly, my motivation was simply that it was expected I hit the next rung on the ladder. Actually, I was a little late since I was in my early 20s when appointed a MS. It's hard to explain to non-JWs the peer pressure that the cult puts on you to perform. Especially if you are stupid like me and believed them to be God's organization.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I think those who are "G's" wake pretty early. It was like that for me. That being said, there are truly few who are "G's".

  • shadow

    H Fully invested believer who viewed it as expanding service to God, service to the Kingdom.

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