Why WT Australia was investigated by the Royal Commission?

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  • hildebrando

    Dossier of online letters of Mareeba, Beenleigh and St George congregations in Queenland, and branch of Australia, about a pedophile named BCH and its committees. Documents in English and commentary in Spanish.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Don't quote me here on the Australian Regional Commission. But I think it was a lot to do with the JW policy of the 2 witness rule to the event.

    Should someone come forward to the authorities about a ''child abuse'' scenario, normally 2 witnesses should have witnessed the event. If no such 2 individuals seen this, the case is dead in it's tracks. I'm not sure exactly, but the courts have examined this in Australia as this as being constitutional. Like I said, don't quote me here, but the courts may the WT's examined for this.

    It was this argument that the Society of the WBTS is making the Elders destroy evidence on a lot of cases. ESPECIALLY, when it comes to child abuse molestation allegations.

    Maybe someone could clarify this, if I'm not correct on the subject. Very complicated, deep issue.

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