2nd Pedo In My Old Congregation Has Been Discovered

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  • pale.emperor

    I learned today that a "brother" from my former congregation has been arrested.

    The rumor mill was in overdrive (you know how the JWs are), my ex-wife and a PIMO member filed me in just an hour ago. Both gave 95% the exact details so i take it as legit...

    When i used to do sound desk there was a brother in his late 40s/early 50s who for some reason always had a tan and always sat at the back of the hall. He was a loner, i used to feel sorry for him so would make small talk while i was setting up the sound desk and he was sitting there. (Im very tempted to mention his name but i wont, but this is in Liverpool, England).

    From what i remember he was quite friendly with an old couple that had adopted their 13yo granddaughter and 8yo grandson. Always got a lift to the meetings with them, lift to the conventions etc. Well it turns out that he went into hospital last week for some tests, stayed there a few nights. He called Brother so-and-so (the grandfather) and asked if he'd go into his flat to feed and walk his dog. The brother is happy to. Next thing you know he's called the police after he found some "items" in his flat involving the13yo girl. Im not sure exactly what all of the items were yet, but both my sources tell me he found a letter, some adult photos that had had the girls head photoshopped on top.

    The girl is in bits terribly ashamed and has told her grandparents that he buys her things and they share secrets.

    I'll update the more i hear but this is the 2nd pedo in that congregation since i left just 2 years ago.

  • sir82

    JW response: "See, now that Pale Emperor has left, the free flow of holy spirit has been restored, and now Jehovah is seeing to it that the rest of the congregation is being cleansed. Isn't Jah wonderful?"

  • stuckinarut2

    So, has anyone reported this to the police?

    PE, maybe you could encourage your wife to report it. This may be a way to help her see the inaction of the elders. Make her see her 'community responsibility' to simply report what she has heard, and let the police do the investigating. It may not be true, or there may be some more to the story...but either way, it is the job of the police to investigate these tings...NOT some group of internal elders.

    Sorry...EDIT: I see you wrote that he was arrested. OK. sorry... Well, that is good to see

  • Phoebe

    So you've had 2, at least, in your congregation and I've had 3 in my congregation over the past few years. Yet Jws deny there is a problem!

    It must be happening in every single congregation.

    I haven't seen John Cedars new video but the WT are defending their two witness rule. My husband has watched it and he said it's shocking how they twist the scriptures to justify it.

  • sparrowdown

    Good thing he had the sense to call the police, while it's good to out the perp, while gossiping about the details spare a thought for the victim the little girl must feel terrible.

  • stuckinarut2

    And there were two cases in the congregation we last attended as well. The elder body didn't report either.

    In one case it was one elder who went contrary to the rest of the body and made the perp report himself by driving him to the police station! That elder was viewed as eccentric and mocked by the other elders.

    In the other case, the family reported the crime to the police, and were harassed by the elders and belittled for doing so!

  • scratchme1010
    The girl is in bits terribly ashamed and has told her grandparents that he buys her things and they share secrets.

    Thanks for sharing, It saddens me that this kinds of things turn more about the pedophile than the victim. I hope the girl is ok and gets the help that she needs.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    He can kiss that tan goodbye in prison. His head deserves to be more than photoshopped on somebody else's body.

  • punkofnice

    The sad thing is, this isn't becoming shocking anymore. I mean it's a vile crime worthy of death, but the jobos have this sort of filth oozing from the brickwork.

    Sorry, was it the grandad that was the paedo or Bro Suntan? I'm not sure I'm reading it correctly.

    If there is a news article, I'd like to see a link.

    Toodle oo.

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