Delineation of Biblical Application for Anointed vs R&F

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  • IronSharpensIron

    I think it would be great for the GB to clearly define the Scriptures that are intended towards the 'Anointed' who are already counted, depending on who you believe, and the remainder of Scriptures intended for the rest of the followers. That way there is no confusion during Biblical discussions about how little of the Bible actually has to do for the great crowd. And so new studies can clearly see, defined, how little of the Bible God cared to preserve for the Great Crowd.

    Further it would be useful to know from the GB what Scriptures are believed to be literal and which are solely spiritual.

    Just an idea. Thoughts?

    Much love, Derrick.

  • Listener

    The problem is that with JW doctrine the one scripture can often times have double, triple or even quadruple meanings. They can also have literal, prophetical or spiritual meanings at the same thing time. Then there are types and anti types that can be read into them. And don't forget, new light can give them a totally different meaning.

  • tor1500


    There is no such thing, the bible applies to all....when Jesus says there are others in the flock but....that means there are others who just not ready to follow Jesus right now...John 10:16...that is what that means to me...

    Why do humans always see each other in different classes...rules for one and rules for the other....there seems to always be an upper echelon in life...even when flying...first class, second class, etc...

    The message of the bible is for everyone...Remember the org. see's themselves in the Bible...So they elected themselves as the anointed, ain't nobody said nothing to's all man-made...

    Don't believe the hype, because that's just what it is...the org. plays on folks esteem, some feel unworthy no matter what...the ones that don't have made themselves the anointed...I hope they haven't defiled themselves sexually....


  • eyeuse2badub

    If the wtbts/gb were to ever make such a delineation, they would absolutely lose all their power and or their mystic.

    The switching back and forth between what applies to the anointed and the r and f. between what is literal and what is not literal is what gives them the power. Only they can make that distinction! Only they have such deep insight to the bible! Therefore WE NEED them or we are lost!--Problem solved!

    Given the FACT that the bible, as we know it, is nothing more than Hebrew mythology it can be applied anyway one wants to believe or be convinced to believe. IMHO, I don't believe many jw's that truly believe everything that is in the bible. Even when I was a gong hoo jw for over 50 years, I had a very difficult time truly believing in those mythological bullsh*t stories!

    talking snake, noah's floating zoo, walls falling down at a trumpet blast, red sea just parting, etc., etc.!

    just saying!

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