How do you feel about your JW childhood?

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  • LovingLifeNow

    Emiy1987, Thanks.

    I am actually googling how to put lights up, haha

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Mom baptized when I was 5. My mother was and is a cheap person. So it suited her not to celebrate anything. Most presents we got when we were kids, was from our relatives. We were jealous of xmas and halloween because of the presents and candy. We hardly ever had family get togethers unless my worldly dad visited them.

    Since my dad left everything to my mom - we were girls anyway - we were dragged to all the meetings and field service. My brother escaped - because he was a boy and my dad's only interest - and he had friends and did things that were fun.

    My personal experience was a life of depression, fear, anger and anxiety. My dream of being an artist was hampered by the idea of God killing me after I became of a "knowing" age. Certainly 1975 would be my last. Several times I stopped eating for days because of that fear. When I reached the age of 20, I didn't know what to do with myself.

    Great and wonderful wasted life. That really is the evil of the WT. Take away dreams and life from people.

  • Emily1987

    days of future passed, really sorry to hear that! It really is an awful cult!

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    This is my first year celebrating Xmas In 13 years and my mum reckons I'm more excited than my kids are lol. My ex is still a jw and I can't bring my youngest up who is his with the excitement of Santa coming, coz my ex will destroy his fun and make me out to be a liar to my son. So we're doing everything except say the presents are from Santa. I have my tree and some decorations, I have done most of my present shopping and have them all wrapped, I'm at my mum's on Xmas eve and Xmas day to spend my kids first Xmas as a family

  • EverApostate

    I was baptized into the cult at the age of 30. I am thankful to Jehovah for leaving me alone until then

  • blondie

    My nonjw father was a pedophile and my jw mother was an alcoholic. Any issues because of WTS teachings were mild in comparison.

  • jesscd

    LovingLifeNow - just a warning - it isn't the putting lights up, it's the taking them down. Learned that last year. Snow and ice and frozen lights. My plan this year is just to leave them up until the spring. : )

  • zeb

    We always gave our kids end of year (well done at school) gifts. That way they didn't miss out. I didn't like the restrictions forced on kids because of the parents decisions.

    They got their bikes and planes and stuff. The were taken to the movies which many kids in the cong were not for all the usual bullshit reasons. and they were allowed to do after school sports as it occurred and got the "look" from others in the cong as a result.

    But i rue the day that I ever set foot into a kh.

  • LovingLifeNow

    Thanks for the advice jesscd haha

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