You May Now Embrace the Bride!

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Dont know about any you, but I did way more than e,embrace or kiss. Life partner

  • tiki

    This is ridiculous. But then given the source not surprising. Next perhaps a you and the bride may now shake hands.

    The thing about giving sensitive sexual topic parts to young or new converts though is appalling. What are they thinking? In the first place it is not in good taste or appropriate to have talks on those subjects with prepubescents in the audience.... That cult is sick. Maybe they'll adopt some Islamic type rules about things next. Can't believe I was part of that glad and happy to be long gone.

  • no-zombie

    This "embrace" thing is most likely someone's great idea for that individual wedding. Ether way its relatively easy to find out by just getting a copy of the latest outline. As we all know. there is a outline for everything ... and the marriage talk and vows is just one. Just get a PIMO elder to go online a get a copy of it.

  • jp1692
    NZ: Just get a PIMO elder to go online a get a copy of it.

    I would if I knew any PIMO elders. But I don’t. That’s why I posted the question here.

  • jonahstourguide

    Hi jp1692

    It's over on avoidjw. Its talk no s 41 e.



    Not sure if I can cut and paste it here.

  • jp1692

    Thanks Jonah.

    That outline is 12 years old. I wonder if it’s still current or not. Either way, the phrase in question would be said after the last line in that outline, which frankly is kind of weird:

    “It is my happy pleasure to introduce to this marriage gathering Brother and Sister _______.”

    Nothing like a little spiritual incest, y’all!

  • blondie

    jp1692, I bet Atlantis has a recent copy.

  • iwantoutnow


  • Ronin

    JP, What do you need?

  • Ronin

    The version that was posted here is the exact same one they are still using :)

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