A little critique/commentary on the first of the new Public Watchtowers (No.1 2018) - Corrections and additions welcomed

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  • punkofnice
    “The Mosaic Law said that human waste should be buried, disposed of away from human habitation.”

    Common sense should teach a person that. Don't they have a sense of smell? If they need a self contradictory collection of ramblings to tell them that........

    “Science and technology change rapidly, but has human nature changed?”

    Isn't this what they call a false dichotomy?

    Good for science (whatever WBT$ definition really means, who knows? Who even cares?). Sounds like 'science' progresses as it should do. I'm not sure what that has to do with human nature.

  • venus

    Hi nowwhat?

    I liked your observation that “there are hundreds of millions of people that live by this code that have not read one verse of the bible. Or are not Christians”

    Nietzsche is one of the spectacular examples. He had his share of what we call suffering—chronic diseases, his marriage proposals being rejected more than once …etc. Still, He advised that there is nothing wrong with the way the world is. If one lives along with the way this world is, leaves oneself to it, and does not count on the superficial items such as religion, science etc., then there is a new life in affirming a new way of seeing things as they are--though full of suffering and pain, but with joy, in which there is no longer pessimism. Just by changing or converting one’s conventional or unconsciously suppressed view and being able to accept the new way, one is totally free from falsity. “This world is the will to power” and one oneself is “also this will to power,” which is the only truth and reality for him. This affirmation of reality of the eternal recurrence with joy is called amor fati. (a love of what happens). In effect he was living example of what Jesus said in Luke 17:21

  • ttdtt
    “Science and technology change rapidly, but has human nature changed?”

    Unlike the teachings of the WTBTS.

    In existence for 100 years and they have NEVER EVER changed anything.

    See because Truth is always Truth. Like 1 + 1 = 2 it cant change.

    ...Oh wait.... :)

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