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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    With zoom, I need to donate ( for wife's sake). Does the on line thing give a cut to the society? I really dont want to see my donation skimmed

  • WTWizard

    It all goes to the mother organization. The congregation may get a little, if the washtowel feels it needs the funds (the washtowel decides, not the congregation). You are better off giving nothing.

  • oppostate

    zoom is free to use and you can extend services with a subscription

    if you pay zoom the WT doesn't get a cut

    If the WT asks for a donation to them for using zoom they are running a scam

  • RubaDub

    zoom is free to use and you can extend services with a subscription

    oppostate ...

    The last I checked, Zoom was free but has a lot of limitations such as a maximum of 40 minutes per session. It wouldn't make sense for them to use the free version and have to restart the session in the middle of the meeting.

    The Pro version was like 15 per month for a single host (congregation), up to 100 participants and no time limit.

    Knowing the Society, they will want things more centralized and want an Advanced or Enterprise plan which is still in the 15-20 dollar range per host, up to 1,000 participants in each session but you have to have a minimum number of hosts, like 50 or something. Big Brother would have more control and they can control and "view" the groups when the "meetings" are on.

    Rub a Dub

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