The governing body are digging their own grave.

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  • Downtowner

    It may or may not be too late with the JW's that far into the time line but at this point I think their only hope of organizational survival is to back off of the "End of the System of Things" doctrines and focus on being good Christians, evangelizing, and living day by day while teaching examples from the bible. Also discontinue the shunning doctrine and stop being so dogmatic about 1914 and having to have a definite definition of "this generation" as if they have all the answers. Admit to being wrong.

    Maybe Governing Body 3.0. If it lasts that long. Maybe Warwick, Patterson, and Walkill will make wonder future university campuses when Babylon the great (watchtower) collapses.

  • LostGeneration

    I believe they are "captives of a concept". Yes they know there are problems, but truly think they are blessed by Jah. I think they also believe Jah will bail their collective ass out if it really comes to that. All this child abuse stuff may actually be feeding their persecution complex.


    The governing body are digging their own grave.

    Not a Chance..


    The WBT$ GB Are..

    "ROCK STAR" POPES!!......................................JWs ADORE THEM..

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  • baldeagle

    atomant: "Surely the GB aren't naive enough to believe their own lies. What does it take for the majority of j dubs to wake up to themselves and finally realize that they are being robbed on all levels emotionally, financially, spiritually, intellectually and many other aspects of their day to day lives."

    The GB "so far" have being well insulated from anything monumentally scandalous against them. It seems to me that they are made out of Teflon at times....nothing seems to stick to them personally. The local elders look ridiculous and take all the negativity as seen by the Australian commission investigations.

    The WTS seems to “dodge the bullet” in their pedophile cases either through continuous court appeals or by offering a direct cash settlement to the victims with a compulsory “gag order” on all the details. Nothing big really seems to stay in the headlines for long and it quickly disappears making very little impact on both JW’s and non-JW’s in the community.

    I often wonder, what it will take to fully expose this devious religion once and for all? What will be that "watershed" moment that will be remembered as the one event that finally opened the "floodgates" and opened people’s eyes to it all?

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    It's very unlikely that one of the GB members realises it's all a charade. The reason why I believe this is that watchtower career progression path (e.g. MS->Elder->Bethel->Bethel Elder->CO->DO->Branch Overseer->GB) acts as a kind of filter; in that, anyone who could possibly have it in them to realise that it's all a load of baloney, would have awakened by the time they got to GB level.

    On the other hand, if one of the GB members was to wake up all of a sudden. It might be possible that they would feel trapped and continue to maintain the charade for fear of coming out and questioning the organization/system which looks after them so well.

    It makes me wonder: If I were a GB member and I woke up all of a sudden, realizing it was all a charade, what would my exit strategy be?

  • Vidiot

    I've said this before, but I've come to the conclusion that they know it's wrong, but believe it's true... at the same time.

    It seems to be the only thing that explains what we know.

    Now, that being said, I do suspect that at this point, they're hoping that the Big A will come and bail them out of the problems they're having...

    ...because - let's be honest - nothing else would. :smirk:

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I suggest that the norm in governing any organisation requires the leadership to fulfil the job awarded them; that is the job of directing the people and the money and to make the business grow.

    Historically there has always been a separation of the private beliefs and the public sentiments of leaders. People with responsibility are either trained in leadership or as in the case of the GB they are chosen for their fidelity to the org but whichever way a person arrives at the top of the tree, it is required of them to play a leadership role. The political forces for leadership demand a steely and often un Christ-like ruthlessness.

    But also there are perks of the job... how about good old Pope Leo 10?

    “At a lavish Good Friday banquet in the Vatican in 1514, and in the company of "seven intimates" Leo made an amazing announcement that the Church has since tried hard to invalidate. Raising a chalice of wine into the air, Pope Leo toasted: "How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us and our predecessors."

    As a JW I would never have thought this attitude was possible in Watchtower land but now having seen the dishonesty and lies of the organisation, I believe that it is possible to be in the GB and not be a true believer. Humans are very capable of duplicity and any doubting GB member has every incentive to continue the charade expected of him.

    After all, this is now the pattern found in the congregations; many attending are just going through the motions but are no longer “true believers”.

    The JW religion is fast becoming a hollow organisation.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Don Cameron wrote a book called "Captives to a Concept"...he is an ex elder.

    It is a great it highlights that the GB believe 100% in the "concept" that they are chosen by God...thus whatever idea they come up with or interpretation they believe the Holy Spirit has helped them come to that decision.

    Thus, they are "captives" to this concept and thus it is irrelevant what they teach, it will always, in their minds, be from Jehoover.

    They are 100% the book...its amazing.

  • Vidiot

    @ notsurewheretogo...

    A surprisingly easy habit to fall into when you're surrounded solely with people who are never allowed to disagree with you.

    Can't shake the feeling that they're experiencing an increasingly rude awakening, these days, though. :smirk:

  • prologos

    to dig their grave they would need shovels, , right now, to cover it up, they just need a peg.

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