Need bethel email address I would like to send an email.

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    There is no formal email address to contact Watchtower HQ. You can write or call, that's it.

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    I guess you always try or other random email addresses

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    Need bethel email address I would like to send an email.....poopie

    If you`re planning on buying..

    A few million dollars worth of Real Estate from the WBT$..

    Image result for You're in luck


    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.

    Brooklyn Real Estate Office

    25 Columbia Heights

    Brooklyn, New York 11201

    (718) 560-5001 Phone

    (718) 560-5002 Fax

  • steve2

    Time it takes JW organization to reply to emails:

    Example 1:

    "Dear Brothers, I am an ex-JW who has some questions about the Biblical basis of some of your claims which I would appreciate your answers to. The questions are outlined on pages 2 to 4 of this letter"

    Time taken to answer email: Forever.


    Example 2:

    "Dear Brothers, I am an ex-JW who has decide to leave my estate to you to dispose of as you see fit."

    Time to answer email: 30 seconds: "Dear Brother: Yes please! We welcome further details and please complete the electronic form on pages 2 to 4. With Christian Love, Governing Body"

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